Zodiac in Myths and Tarot

July 12, 2015

What exactly do the symbols of your sing mean? Since childhood we hear about some strange animals, people and creatures and we get so used to them that rarely think about their origin. Have you ever thought who Aries was, what did Centaur do, where was Virgo wandering before they appeared in the night sky and became known and popular astrological symbols, before they start representing us humans and before they turn just into some set of human features? What can you tell about your sign except some descriptive words?

If you explore the story behind your sign you may feel how astrological belonging create the inseparable bound with the ancient cultures. Being an embodiment of lots of ancient stories, old and forgotten, they are the keepers and holders of this treasure. Simple as they may seem, they contain so much that even a book is not enough to describe. Each glyph and title reminds a god, a goddess, dramatic plot from myth, creatures, heroes, helpers from Greek, Egyptian, Sumerian cultures. And each time you imagine astrology signs, speak or write about them you awake everything which hides behind it. The knowledge about Zodiac symbol may let out an immense potential energy hidden inside you, provide you with totally new vision about your secret powers, inspire when you face challenges or are involved in tense and hard task. Hopefully my short overview about Zodiac sing will satisfy your interest in own sign and encourage to search and explore the fascinating and enriching world of symbols.

Tarot and Zodiac. Astrology is a very reasonable and one of the most amazing way to study Tarot symbols and spirit. In Tarot deck Major Arcana have correspondence to astrology. 22 trumps represent 12 Zodiac signs and 10 planets.

Having discussed astrology and reflecting upon the signs people belong to I often heard how much they wished to be born under another sign. There was time when I wished to become a strong and confident Leo instead of dreamy and shy Pisces. Only later when I learned about the power of mystic and deep Pisces I learned to love my sign. Maybe you admire some features other signs possess. Don’t get upset and leave regrets. Just allow you time to work with relevant Tarot Arcana which will help you to learn needed features and develop their power inside you.

Of course many do love their sign but who can boast to be totally free from some disadvantages and weaknesses which we used to ascribe to our own sign? Leos complain on irresistible anger, Cancers cannot get rid of melancholy, Virgos fight with their criticism… I am sure each has his own enemy to battle. Tarot cards can serve a perfect tool to attract the power of a certain Zodiac sign in your life and focus on its positive side. You can just look at the trump which is connected to your sing or desired sign and perform a sort of meditation with certain figures and plots described on it. If you want to enhance your inner forces don’t forget about Tarot trumps which help to connect to higher source of energy.


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