Zodiac In Myths And Tarot VIRGO. Isis, Innocent Astraea And Wise Hermit

August 19, 2015

Egyptian culture. Perhaps the universal deity Isis can represent this sign. The Daughter of Geb and Nut, faithful spouse of Osiris, first king and ruler of the country, she is famous and most loved goddess of Egypt. Her mysteries survived through Roman times and even turned into the whole cults in modern Pagan movement. Isis mysteries were popular but wrapped with lots of prejudices and historical distortions. She is the mother of nature but her functions are diverse. She is human and thus the closest to the needs of people. In hymns it was Isis who awakes everything on earth, who directed natural processes and maintained the certain order of things. She was the guardian of love and fidelity being the wife and partner of Osiris, she favoured crafts being a teacher for mankind, she protected birth and motherhood being the single mother of Horus who later took revenge for his fathers, she was a great magus knowing the hidden secrets of magic and words of power. There are plenty of myths where Isis is the central heroine. Of course the most known is one about Seth’s plot against Osiris, persecution of Isis by Set, secret birth of Horus, Isis’ sufferings and mourning over Osiris’ body and her wonderful impregnation. She is also known as a lady who is rather persistent in reaching her goals. For instance, in the story about Ra she blackmailed the god until he discovered his sacred name to her. As the main star in Virgo constellation is Spike the most relevant role of Isis seems Nature Goddess. In this her image she was depicted with ear of wheat symbolizing her fertility and generosity in harvest.

“Almighty Mother, Daughter of the Nile, we rejoice as you join us with the rays of the Sun. Sacred sister, Mother of Magic, we honour You, lover of Asar.

Isis, who was and is and shall ever be, daughter of the earth and sky…”

Ancient Greece. In mythology there is one story which is not that popular but doesn’t lose its importance. Among the gods there was Astraea, the virgin goddess of purity and innocence. During the Golden Age when gods and people live in peace she was the last one to stay with them till the end. She left for heaven in Iron Age being exhausted by evil which spread over the earth. There is a belief that once again Astraea will return to the earth and the Golden Age will start again. Another myth reveals the dark and destructive side of Virgo as if showing the gap between heaven ideal of Astraea purity and real vices of earthy women. The myth refers to unlucky gods’ invention. Zeus delegated to create a woman with cunning character and beauty so Hephaestus and other gods fulfilled the task and Zeus sent this woman to the earth with his dowry – a chest where all possible evils were enclosed. Curious and not intelligent Pandora once opened the chest thus letting all sufferings, diseases and calamities, death, envy, avarice free. Only Hope remained at the bottom of the chest giving humanity a chance to face future.

Tarot Arcana. In Tarot the Major Arcana The Hermit refers to Virgo sign. It describes the process of self-examination and self-reflection which is so distinctive for Virgos. Rather dull background of the card warns that it is not that exciting and maybe be hard, lonely and ascetic. Yet the authority and experience are appreciated in the end. The Hermit doesn’t look poor or defeated or miserable. Even opposite: he can serve an example, role-model for those who strive at knowledge and truth. If you need to instruct or teach this card is perfect as it contains the image of a teacher who is guide and who points a right direction. The lantern in hermit’s hand symbolizes the light of knowledge, intuitive sparkling moments, the insight of reason and new understanding. A stick he leans on represents his will and strength of mind as well as rich past experience. If you research and look for new fields and decisions allow this card to guide you through, you can trust Hermit’s wisdom.

Preserve your sacred aspect of the Goddess and oppose “Pandora’s” impulses, be a teacher and guider, find a power in your solitude and always follow your inner light. I hope my short suggestion will help you to invent your own way of opening the potential energy of your signs.


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