Zodiac in Myths and Tarot TAURUS. Sacred Apis, Jupiter and The High Priest

April 27, 2015

Egyptian culture. The cult of sacred bull appeared at the dawn of civilizations. Probably great strength, fighting spirit together with great fertility abilities made this animal special for the culture which depended on natural rhythms. It was turned into a cult when a bull with special marks like black skin, scarab under the tongue and crescent moon shape on the forehead was taking to the temple and received the care no less than the pharaoh himself. He even considered an oracle and after death was mummified and placed into the tomb. The bull in Egypt was representation of the God Ptah, creator god. Unlike omnipresent Amon Ptah is a craftsman, a master who grants everything with special forms and functions. Also people saw the animal as the embodiment of Osiris, who was constantly reborn and manifested the revival of life forces. With Taurus also correlates the goddess Hathor – the Heaven Cow, seven Pleiades of Taurus constellation. She was one of the most popular and loved goddess in Egypt. A nurturer and provider she protects the existence of life itself. She also represents fertility aspect of human life, having sexual pleasure, satisfaction of senses, music and dance in her domain. No love spell or wedding blessings was without the name of Hathor and in love poetry she often mentioned as the main protectors of lovers.

I praise the Golden, I worship her Majesty, I extol the Lady of Heaven, I give adorations to Het-Her, Laudations to my mistress! I called to Her, She heard my plea, She sent my mistress to me!

The bull happens to become one of the most wide-spread sacred animals as Apis cult survived till Roman times, was the central in Persian Mytra’s mysteries and Hathor seemed to have travelled to India and is worshipped as the most respected even in 21st century.

Ancient Greece. The most popular ancient legend about the bull is connected to Europa kidnapping. The bull was chosen by the very high Olympian God Zeus to turn into. Europa was the daughter of Phoenician king Agenor and often was walking along the seashore and playing with her maids. She attracted attention of Zeus who desired her at one glance. Understanding that the naïve virgin would be terrified with his true face he decided to disguise himself. The bull he turned into was special and wonderful: white as snow, with small well-rounded horns, shining star on the forehead and gentle look. Charmed by unusual animal the girl approached it and started stroking him and put flower garland. At the same very moment the bull suddenly got away to the sea and fled away. They got to the island of Crete where he revealed the truth and made the girl his lover.

The cult of the bull existed in Crete for a long time and get some attention in one of the labours of Hercules who was sent to tame it. The legend tells that sea god Poseidon presented the beautiful and strong bull to Minos, the king of Crete but greedy ruler didn’t meet the agreement and didn’t perform a sacrifice. In response the animal got mad and turned the killing and devastating force. The wild bulls were tamed by two other great heroes, Theseus and Jason.

The bull belongs to the powers of Sun and Moon. His amazing vitality and force make him real extravert and at the same time deep uncontrolled Poseidonian passions whose character he represents create an aura of mystery around him.

Tarot Arcana. In Tarot Taurus is correspondent to fifth Arcana The High Priest. The card of tradition and ceremony calls to submit your behavior to high principles, to moral code and religious values. The figure of religious service, of the temple reminds the necessity to bring some sacred dimension to highly sensitive and practical Taurus’ life. Create a ritual to pay some attention to divine. Authority which stems from experience can bring results in material world. Authority based on narrow-mindness will lead to nothing, moreover can bring harm (don’t forget about the students at the feet of the Priest). You have a lot to teach and instruct, just remember to rely on inspirational aspect of everything you do otherwise you will spread dogmatic and regressive thoughts. When you are unsure of your knowledge, take the card and notice the keys. You possess the key to the situation and you can turn Taurus’s rigidness into calm confidence and steadfastness.

I hope my short suggestion will help you to invent your own way of opening the potential energy of your signs.

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