Zodiac in Myths and Tarot SCORPIO. Selket, Orion’s murderer and Death.

November 7, 2015

Egyptian culture. There was one very important though not very popular goddess connected to Underworld realms. Her name was Selket and she was depicted as the woman with a Scorpio instead her crown. Dangerous twists and corridors of afterlife path were guarded by her and the soul could hope for her protection. Also she was addressed when the healing from poisons was in need as she could neutralize its fatal influence. Selket was beneficial goddess who spread her protective wings over the weak humans. You can see her modest images almost in every sarcophagus, at the corners. There are myths where she acts as merciful helper especially to pregnant women and children. Due to her knowledge she can be called a goddess-healer. Also she knew magic and was extremely powerful with the words of power as Egyptian called magic craft. She was kind of bodyguard of Ra, thus, a keeper of the solar principle of life and existence, that is why was feared by those who was destroying the order and divine laws. Her punishment was swift and sure with no hope to escape. Merciful and pitiless, kind and implacable, simple and mysterious, – such was the Scorpio goddess Serqet.

Ancient Greece. There is a dramatic legend about perhaps the only love of Artemis where Scorpio played its fatal role. In both versions he served as the mean of revenge. Orion was a beautiful and strong giant and his fame as a hunter was running before him. But he had one serious disadvantage having subdued to his sexual appetites without thinking. His first mistake was to rape the the local king’s daughter who didn’t wish to respond to his passion. She happened to take revenge and blinded him while he fell asleep. Orion cured himself once he watched straight onto the sun beams and immediately began hunting together with Artemis, the hunter goddess. And here the story differs. One group of myths includes romantic and easily excited Eos who was enchanted with Orion so much that kidnapped the youth and carried him up to the heaven. Disappointed and despaired impulsive Artemis sent a Scorpio to kill Orion. Another myth tells it was another mistake of impatient hunter who tried to rape independent virgin goddess. Of course in rage and anger she pulled the scorpion out of the earth and ordered him to kill an insolent partner. Scorpio’s sting was lethal and Orion died. He was taken to the sky were was turned into constellation as if frozen in a passionate burst.

Tarot Arcana. The Arcana with an ominous number thirteen and the same title Death is the best correspondence to this most mysterious sign of Zodiac. Death in Tarot relates to Scorpio, probably pointing at transformative and healing aspect of this sign. A necessary change is most likely to occur through stress, sadness and pain however this suffering is not for worst but for better. Like operation is done in order to heal and bring relief. But in fact the true meaning of the card is not that gloomy and bears a lot of positive information. To start with the bright dawn at the horizon. Isn’t it a sign for a new hope and beginning of a new sunny day? The rider looks threatening but he is on a white horse, the symbol of total end after which something totally new and often inspiring happen. His flag depicts rose, a universal symbol of death and life, reminding of this twin phenomena of human reality.

Accept the special energy of Scorpio and you will discover how powerful feelings and deep emotions together with spiritual transformation appear in your life. Scorpio’s love and passion is able to kill you but also makes your lovestory worth a novel, Scorpio’s enmity can poison life but his friendship is rewarding and protective as Selket’s wings. Use vengeful impulses to cure and help and this will bring only positive transformation into your own life as well as into the lives of others. I hope my short suggestion will help you to invent your own way of opening the potential energy of your signs.


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