Zodiac in Myths and Tarot LIBRA. Anubis’ Scales, Femida and Justice

October 15, 2015

Egyptian culture. Scales was a powerful symbol for ancient conscience as it represented the last and decisive trial which took place in Underworld. After passing successfully dangerous traps of this dark realms after death the soul arrived to the Chamber of Two Maat, or the Hall of Justice and Balance. Here the key scene of human drama occurred – the weighing of the heart. It was put on one pan of the scale and Anubis, the dog-headed god, responsible for this action was watching whether it matches the feather of Maat. This symbol was the embodiment of Truth itself. If the heart happened to be heavier the soul was condemned to be devoured by a monster standing just aside. But if it was equal Truth then happy soul was allowed to the throne of Osiris who let her into the blessed abundant Iaru fields. The weighing of the heart was a threshold and contains the deep idea of balancing emotional and feeling world symbolized by the image of human heart with the principles of mind, reason, sense symbolized by the feather of the Goddess of Truth and Harmony.

Ancient Greece. Femida more known as Justice is perhaps the most wide-spread image in variety of symbols around us. Femida was an archaic deity and belongs to generation of Titans. Taking this into account she represented rather initial cosmic, natural divine Law rather than human mind inventions based on their narrow interests. Moreover Truth was not her sole responsibility. She also was in charge of fortune-telling techniques and sacred knowledge being the basis of Delphi Oracle predictions. Like her daughter Astraea she also left earth and promised to return in the time of Golden age when truth and purity will be appreciated again. It is in Roman times when she gained the bandage on her eyes and took the name of Justice. She holds the scales in her hand but also a sword in another. Threatening aspect of weapon strictly reminds of responsible attitude to the claimed vows, promises and ethical and moral codes.

Tarot Arcana. In Tarot Justice is the most recognizable and common as almost repeats the common image: sited figure with sword and scales in her hands. Balancing life and following the high principles and truth in everyday routine is not an easy path yet promising. Have you ever felt an immense power and energy having kept your promise or defending your natural right, or restoring the justice even if it this small and trivial event happened in your family? When the feeling of fulfillment and deep peace appeared inside then you might say that the truth won and something you did was extremely right. Reminding us the old goddesses the figure on the card also reminds that every action and word aimed at restoring balance, peace, truth serves not only for you or others but partly restores the big order established from the beginning, somehow reborn that initial divine law, performs the great cause-consequences regularity. Implacable yet reliable Justice offers to find the way of harmonious behavior, balance reflection and hesitations (scales) with swift active deeds and clear expressions (sword).

As Libra channel your immense communication energy to reveal and find truth, to balance your life with the harmony, assure that your conscious is in peace with your thoughts and emotions and you have no need to run away from it. Get the feeling that everything is right in your life and you act right. Make wisdom and morality your law and measure instead of following old and frustrating human prejudices. Be clear at your expressions. Always keep scales of wisdom at your expose and use the sword when restoring your balance. I hope my short suggestion will help you to invent your own way of opening the potential energy of your signs.


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