Zodiac in Myths and Tarot LEO. Sekhmet, Nemean Leo and Strength

August 6, 2015

Egyptian culture. The powerful, frightening and respected Sekhmet represents in best way the incredible vitality of Leo. The healer and killer. These two opposite functions joined in the goddess with a lioness head. The daughter of Ra she was called his Eye and represented the solar principal on earth: destructive and devouring able to cause draughts, fires and calamities, and life-giving, nurturing and warming allowing everything to grow and receive necessary nature blessings. Sekhmet possessed the power to cleanse and burn down evil and diseases. She was invocated during protective rituals against evil eye, she was asked to grant with health and physical stamina. Except healing and protective aspect she was invoked during the war as her majesty and courage were indispensable for conquering new lands. Usually she was depicted in red clothes symbolizing the color of life and blood.

“Oh, Sekhmet, Luminious One, burn down dark, hard and depressing energy outside from me and instead envelops with light, airy and inspiring energy. 

…Protect me from the first arrow of the year…”

She was not the only lioness goddess in Egypt. The more ancient deity Tefnut was also associated with this animal. She was the lady of moisture and rains but still remained the solar deity. Among wise and calm deities this one distinguished by impulsive and capricious character. Once she left Egypt out of rage and offend and started killing everybody around. Ra sent her husband Shu to return but willful Tefnut liked the taste of blood so much that couldn’t stop.  Only cunning Toth in his disguise of baboon could outwit the goddess and succeeded in his

mission. He gave her the whole bowl of blood-coloured beer so that having drunken greedily the goddess forgot her anger and returned to Egypt bringing back moisture and inundations with her.

Ancient Greece. Leo is probably the most famous as the hero of the first deed of Hercules. The fierce Nemea lion was attacking people and cattle in the region. It took quiet time for the hero to find the monster. Hercules firstly tried to kill it with arrows but this only irritated the animal. Moreover, its skin seemed iron as was impossible to hurt. He then started wrestling with the violently resisting beast and finally managed to strangle it. He used the impregnable skin to make kind of armour and later this helped him during battling with other beasts. It protected him from the talons of Stymphalian birds and Hydra’s poisonous flame.

Lions are the most popular symbols in every ancient culture. They sit at the sides of Asian goddess Cybele, they are present at royal thrones in India, Buddhist temples, mentioned with connection to Bible personalities like Daniel or evangelist Mark, are central in most European medieval emblems and flags.

Tarot Arcana. In Tarot there is Major Arcana Strength which represented the nature of Leo. One of the most light and powerful cards in the deck it bears the solar energy of Leo sign. Tender girl taming a lion become one of the most touching plot in literature and movies. Obedient beast in soft female hands is an attractive image for all who seek true power. Weapon, rudeness, rigidness, restrains, fear, – all this doesn’t provide you with authority. The card tells us exactly about the means to reach strength. The the girl on the card with a composed face and well-learned confident gestures shows that there is a need to control and restrain willingfully yourself. Keeping discipline out of love to order and harmony is the most effective way to gain power and achieve that state of mind when all other factors simply do not influence you. She teaches to accept and love wild nature representing by a lion. Traditionally female characteristics of love, care, persistent attention can submit the most passionate and uncontrolled actions and instinct revelations of our biological nature.

Train your power to protect weaker, be a healer for the world around and thus you will gain might you dream of. Remain proud, steady and fixed before the challenges and don’t forget about the greatness of forgiveness and patience. I hope my short suggestion will help you to invent your own way of opening the potential energy of your signs.


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