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Your Vibes

May 15, 2021

In life, everything is vibration. The entire material world is nothing but vibration. When parts of the body become stressed or dis-eased, they are no longer aligned to the normal sound wave; it means that they are not vibrating at their original resonant frequency. To recalibrate your frequency, you need to understand that those vibrations affect your energy and health. Thoughts are an attractive force. When you focus on creating a positive environment, you need to remember that you are responsible for your thoughts and that they determine your vibration. Reconnecting to your inner self is the first thing you need to do in order improve your inner energy, your thoughts, and the energy surrounding you. If the thoughts that run through your head are mostly negative, your outlook on life is more likely pessimistic. If you can change your thought process, you can also change the energy you are attracting to yourself. You have to stop wasting your thoughts on considering and internally debating all the things that are going on around you. Healthy thinking constitutes the use of true creative thought and that takes some effort. It means focusing your thoughts on the thing you desire, and use your thoughts to create the belief that you will have what you desire.

 It is easy to focus on our faults and on other people’s faults. We subconsciously keep track of all the flaws of all the people in our lives. Most of us don’t realise that we see the world through a negative perspective, focusing on the bad and ignoring the good, especially when things aren’t going the way we had hoped. When we start to teach ourselves to see the good in life, we tend to be more positive and experience happiness more deeply. Practicing gratitude is really effective to fight dissatisfaction and negative thoughts, because it helps us see our situation in a way that can shift our perspective and open up our thinking to new solutions. Positive thoughts leads to gratitude and it is closely related to happiness. Even if you have a lot of obstacles in front of you, and you feel that it’s difficult to see positive forces, you are still able to be grateful if you take the time to stop immersing yourself in bad vibes, and focus on realising what you have in life; feeling grateful is not dependent upon having achieved your goals.

Have an open mind and don’t rush into making judgments, avoid being judgmental at all costs. Practicing acceptance makes you change your perspective, and as a result, your thoughts will also change. There is an unique energy inside you, that allows you to cultivate an aura of positivity and light. When you are able to trust this energy, you start to see things from a different point of view, and you become a kinder person, replacing judgment with compassion. Without even realising, you will change the way you address yourself and others in your mind.

People who surround themselves with positivity have an easier time seeing the good in people. To see the good in others, we must first learn to see the good in ourselves. We are not always full of positive emotions. At times, we are so focused on our own problems that couldn’t care less about the world and its problems. Sometimes we have no patience, we get stressed and we also have the tendency to be rude to others. Recognising our own faults opens us to our own vulnerability, and this sense of understanding helps us not to judge other people.

Remember that the more you are aware of how blessed you are, the more equipped you feel to deal with any problems in your way. Knowing yourself is not just about avoiding negative emotions, it is also about finding genuine self-acceptance. It is about understanding that we are always learning and evolving spiritually. See the goodness in yourself, so you can approach others with a positive view; this will facilitate you to attract and get in tune with people who are similar to you. Use your energy to focus on what you want in life. You need to be the energy you want to attract.

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