Your Horoscope for this Week

March 16, 2014

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Be open to meet new people as they will bring you new opportunities for you this week. Stay motivated as you must be the kind of positive energy you want to attract. Remember that the environment and all the experiences in life are the result of our habitual and predominant thoughts, so replace negative thoughts with positive ones, Aries. Use your positive energy this week to take care of your health, dedicate some of your time for physical activities and exercise.

Kindness can bring a sense of richness and fulfilment to your life this week. Being kind is a way of living Taurus, and it can bring you lots of satisfaction, but also do not forget to be kind to yourself, you’ve  been putting a lot of pressure on yourself lately, and this is also impacting your health. Take some time to do something you really enjoy, plan a holiday and remember that life is not made up of minutes, but moments.

Many times in life we need to escape for various reasons. You may be feeling overwhelmed this week, but remember, finding time to spend alone when you’re overwhelmed may also benefit your relationships. Rather than taking stress out on those around you, you can take a little while to focus on yourself and escape your daily routine. Meditation also helps you to maintain your focus during this week.

Look at all you have and what you can do to improve your life this week. Focus on possibilities and future, because there is a very good energy around you this week, Cancer. All the problems you may have now will soon turn into a positive change in the future. There is lots of new opportunities in store for you, just look around, use your communication skills and share your ideas with people you trust.

Reconnect with your family and friends. If life is feeling rough, scape for a day during the week, try a new hobby, anything new is welcome this week. There is a lot of need for change, but you seem to be reluctant to get out of your comfort zone lately. Focus on maintaining a good attitude towards others, as new connections will soon bring you the excitement you lack right now.

It is time to do boost your productivity Virgo, you can’t afford to delay anything this week, as it will have an impact in your future. You may delay, but time will not. Do not fear failure, remember lost time is never found again, so act now.  You have a good chance to be successful in your love life this week, so take advantage of the cosmic climate and allow yourself to love and be loved.

Do not let your emotions drive your focus this week, Libra. Be able to control your emotions and keep your goals in mind. Something or someone in your environment needs your attention, and you need to be emotionally well to deal with the situation. Motivate yourself and be true to your intuition. Feel free to share your feelings with your partner.

You do not need to be embarrassed or worried about other people’s behaviour, as it will not reflect on you. Our emotions are driven by irrational feelings and not logic, and soon this person now causing you frustration is going to realise that he/she was desperate for attention. There is no need to be harsh. This could be a tense weekend as family and friends seem to be less than friendly.

Take this week to learn more about yourself, Sagittarius. You have wonderful qualities. Believe in you. You will notice that your energy are attracting people with good intentions. Leave your past behind and look forward to your future. You may be surprised by good news, be kind to others, and the universe will return the favour.

You may have been spending too much time lately trying to please others. Try to focus on your goals and make new connections this week, you might have opportunities for study, learn something or a professional training. Dare to dream, stop holding yourself back, and be positive. You may seek a friends advice and input on things, getting some good advice will help you to build your confidence.

No one else can make you happy but you, Aquarius. Look after yourself this week. People will only take advantage of you if you let them, so stand up for yourself, do not be afraid to say no to others every now and again. Be trusting by all means, but don’t be blind, choose to put yourself first this week, you will soon feel better about life.

How long have you been talking about adopting a healthier lifestyle, Pisces? This week it’s time to act on what you’ve been planning. Adopt a “can do” attitude and go for it! Your mental, emotional and physical performance will soon improve, you just need to take that first step. People seems to be expecting some kind of decision from you this week, use your intuition and be true to your beliefs.

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