Your Horoscope for This Week

April 6, 2014

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This week is a positive week for you Aries. It’s an appropriate time to innovate, and to be independent. Face your fears! Remember that when your fears start affecting your everyday life, something’s gotta be done. You will have the opportunity to be open to new attitudes and this will bring you the realisation of what should be changed in your life.

Sometimes changing small habits can also change your life, Taurus. This is a week to acknowledge that you have a habit you’d like to break and consider the ways that the habit alters or affects your life. It’s time to accept that you’d like to change this. Limit your interactions with people who encourage your bad habit, and be free from it!

Do one task at a time, two at most, Gemini. Any more than that, and you’ll feel overwhelmed this week. Re-examine the life you’ve been leading to see whether you’ve been making the right choices. Think if you been paying too much (time, money, effort) in a lifestyle that isn’t bringing you happiness.

Life will throw small challenges at you every day this week, Cancer; but you just have to be aware of what is important for you, and organise your priorities in life. This may be a difficult week but don’t let just one situation get you down, there will always be problems in life, and you are able to find a solution to all of them.

Wasting precious time over things that don’t matter isn’t going to get you anywhere this week, Leo. If you have travelling plans or If you are moving to another city, state or country, learn as much as you can about the new place before going. Don’t get involved in family disagreements, and try to control your temper with a family member during the week.

It’s a week full of unexpected surprises, Virgo. The major key to coping with the changes in your life is to begin by accepting the reality of change and its inevitability.To avoid surprise or shock at the last minute, stay alert, listen and register the signs of oncoming change.

As long as you’re still improving, don’t pay too much attention to how long the process is taking, Libra. You’ll get there eventually. Believe in yourself! Telling yourself you can’t do something is a bad cognitive habit that needs breaking, this is a positive week for you, don’t let your fears hold you back this week.

Acknowledge that there’s only one thing you can control in life, and that’s yourself, Scorpio.The need to control is not nice in a person. If you feel the need to control everything this week, you can become manipulative and jealous and the result is an unsatisfying relationship.

Don’t spend you time seeking approval this week, Sagittarius. Sooner or later you will realise it is a waste of time and don’t work anyway. Don’t pay insincere compliments to gain approval of others. Remember: you are entitled to your own thoughts, beliefs and opinions. Just because you think differently to someone else does not mean that one of you is right and one of you is wrong.

Look at all of the problems presented to you in a calm approach this week, Capricorn. Think of any work challenges as something you can learn from. If you immediately classify tasks as hard or difficult, your mind thinks of it in a stressful manner, making things even harder to solve or understand. This is a good week to improve your social skills.

Someone may give you the wrong advice this week, Aquarius. If the advice feels wrong, pushy or manipulative, then listen to your inner voice. This person has good intentions but only you know the situation you are in. Thank him/her for their help and ideas but make no commitments. There is no need to go into copious details.

You may be feeling overwhelmed this week, Pisces. Find a friend with a non-judgmental ear on side so that you can spill it all out and feel more relaxed. Take some time this week to examine yourself, be truthful and think about improving anything you think you could be better.

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