Your Energy

January 17, 2016

We are responsible for our own Energy

When we take ownership and responsibility for our energy, thoughts, attitudes and actions, we become empowered. Our dreams, hopes and wishes all start as the energy of our ideas. Will we encourage those ideals or put them down and tell ourselves we cannot do that?  The conversation you decide to have with yourself daily correlates to the way you think and act towards
yourself and others.

As a Tarot reader, I find one of the insightful lessons of the Tarot is taking the responsibility of our internal energy. Good or bad it will find a way to manifest throughout your day. I have learned it is best to try to start off with your best thoughts and hopes. This style thinking can help you stay upbeat and hopeful while staying aware how your energy can keep you going or bring you down. It all starts with you!

You can only be responsible for your own energy so why not make it the best. And if we are striving to walk in love, then it becomes our daily mission to get our heart, thoughts and actions there. This also allows us to be open to the encounters we will have that test our strength and energy. Life is like that and how else will you learn who you are and what you are made of unless you are tested in some ways. When we take up the challenge of our life lessons we become further empowered.
We are able to take our energy up a notch because it is built on the confidence we can have the encounter and maintain our good energy.

I am not saying this is easy. It takes a good deal of daily work and bravery of heart to stay in the positive zone of our energy. It is so much easier to rely on the blame game to get through life than to take responsibility for ourselves. Everyone else is to blame for the ‘bad’ of our lives. This type of thinking can become so ingrained in people they will easily come to place responsibility on others for everything; from the small stuff of blaming someone for ‘who moved my keys because I cannot find them’ to ‘I lost my job because so and so always hated me’. By taking no personal responsibility for what happens in our lives you are not experiencing the personal growth or enlightenment you need from the encounter. This response is unproductive for our personal and spiritual growth because we are closed off to the possibility our own energy is what drove the outcome.

Once we realize our responsibility starts with ourselves then we can embrace the lessons the universe has in store for us. By choosing to stay positive, aware and thoughtful we can believe a positive outcome is possible for all things. Even when we are in the mist of chaos, how we approach every day can make a difference in how we deal with upsetting people and situations – and meet them you will. This is life and how we learn to live in our exalted state. How else can we learn unless we have encounters that test our ability to respond for ourselves in a positive manner? It is not the person who starts a confrontation that controls the outcome but the one who responds.
Did you ever wonder if the universe placed certain people in your life so you can grow? Rising above the mess, anger and disappointment is what you are meant to learn to become a more enlightened and spiritual individual.

It is not only others who can deplete our positive energy and outlook it can be our own pride, ego and selfishness that can bring us down. By becoming aware helps here too. In Tarot these style energies are meant to be mastered by our thoughts and actions so they do not control us. This action of self-control is best characterized by the Tarot card of Strength. We all can wear an air of self-importance but these self-centered drives uncontrolled can cause great harm.

Applying strength, energy and perseverance all relate to this card but the ancient Tarot went even further by calling this card, The Enchantress, showing a beautiful maiden gently closing the mouth of the lion. We also learn, beast-like behavior such as rage and anger are useless energies that need to be subdued. She does not have to be crazy physically strong, she is calm and poised because she has mastery over her mind, emotions and speech.
When we are short of energy and spirit, we can easily jump to being short with thoughts and then our words. And if we then throw in a big dose of our self-importance and pride – you can see where this can quickly lead to and what The Enchantress is trying to teach us.

The meeting of this super card in life tells us you have all the Strength – mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually – you need to create your new destiny and overcome any obstacles/challenges you naturally meet along the way! If I may refer to a feline of a different stripe in regards to taking our responsibility seriously – Go get’em Tiger!

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