Your Aura

February 14, 2014

All living things (including humans) and all objects have an aura. A barely visible light that surrounds us a bit like a halo or a trail of energy that reflects the body and mind’s state of health, with practice using the third eye chakra we can start to see auras. Auras are thought to be made of pure energy from our life force and these energies make you what you are, in turn they are affected by your lifestyle and environment. Your aura reflects your health, physical and psychological wellbeing and your character. So the aura we have reflects our health and well-being often being an early warning sign of disease.

So the colours in our auras have meaning, but they are always merging and changing throughout the day, so you should be aware of mood and circumstances when reading the aura. Here are a few common colours and meanings –

  • White – limitless potential energy, – positive qualities – the innovator and creator, higher levels of consciousness and purity, negative qualities- out of touch with the real world, alienation from others. White rules the whole body, the mind and soul and the connections between them.
  • Red – action, passion, survival – positive qualities –passionate in love, desire for vibrant life, negative qualities- aggression or vengefulness, impulsiveness and irritability. Red indicates health and strength, the colour of the life force.
  • Green – Love, harmony and nature -positive qualities – a loving heart with generosity, generous with money, time and love, trustworthy, negative qualities – emotionally dependant conflicting emotions, jealousy. Green indicates good stable blood pressure, healthy heart and respiratory system.
  • Black – regeneration, transitions, acceptance of life as it is, transforming – positive qualities – resting emotionally and spiritually after stress – negative qualities – depression and/or exhaustion, talks about problems but will not take action to resolve them. Black indicates the body is imbalanced or energy isn’t flowing freely.

Want to see auras, its actually pretty simple, get someone to stand against a plain pale wall, and look at them in your peripheral vision. Look beyond where he or she is standing and try to notice an area around the person where the background wall may look lighter than the rest. Try to identify the lightness as a colour and then see if it follows the person when they move away.

Your aura needs to be cleansed sometimes and aura cleansers can be found throughout the UK, but focusing on your root chakra and ensuring all chakras are balanced will help.

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