August 21, 2014

Is Wicca witchcraft, true it’s based on some of the old traditions of witchcraft but is in fact a recognized religion,  a modern part of the old traditional religions we call Pagan.  Wicca is a very peaceful and balanced lifestyle which promotes oneness with the divine and all which exists.

Wicca began at the turn of the last century; it has no central figurehead and has a huge number of denominations, making it hard to define what Wicca is about. However the basic chronicles are that Wiccans recognise the male and female parts of divinity. So both goddesses and gods are honoured.  There may be specific deities or just a general energy force that is either male or female. The names of the deities will only be revealed once you have been initiated.

For new Wiccans there is some form of initiation and a hierarchy Initiation is rebirth, in which the new Wiccan dedicates themselves to the gods or deities they will work with. A high priestess or priest will have to be at least a third degree Wiccan and will have ‘studies’ to attain the position which they keep for a year and a day.

The belief in and use of magic and spell work is a large part of being a Wiccan. They simply do not believe that magic is supernatural; it is just using the energy around us to make the changes we need to move forward. For them anyone can use this energy but beware of the results of your actions as they come back to you three fold, so cause no harm.

They also believe in the spirit world using mediumistic skills to contact and get help from spirits.

Wiccans also have a moral code that they follow; they have to accept responsibility for all their actions, words, and thoughts. They cannot pass the blame on to anyone for what happens in their lives. Therefore they do not try to convert others to Wicca as they believe we must be responsible for our choices.

They celebrate the earth and all of her cycles, energy and changes, with feasting, rituals and festivals, often using those that the Pagans have used for centuries.

So as you can see Wicca is very different from the images of witchcraft from medieval portraits or recent films about witches.

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