Why Fit In?

November 5, 2013

We try so hard to fit in don’t we? We change what we wear, how we behave , who we see and most importantly we try to change how we feel so we can be in with the in crowd. The problem is our feeling can not change, we can hide them, we can eat or drink or take drugs until we can’t feel them any more, we  can tell lies to ourself and sometimes we can nearly believe them. But while we trying to fit in doing all this our emotions still exist, they are going no where, they are making us depressed, they are making us stressed or sometimes if we deny all of these they make us physically ill.

We do not need to fit in, we need to belong. We need to belong with people who care about us for who and what we are, who respect our feelings, who don’t care about our hair or clothes and love us unconditionally.The best way to find these people is to chose to be yourself especially when everyone is going a different way from you. Be authentic and be free.

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