Why Childhood Dreams Are So Important.

September 11, 2014

Childhood as being so wonderful and trouble-free, talking our heart and leaving the choice of dealing with real-life problems to the adults. The childhood memory is not only important for having to recollect those happy moments and move on with life, they become a key to our entire being if we care to listen our responses in the past. We all know that a child would speak to his or her heart no matter  how good or bad it will be perceived by the world. As days pass by, we are being taught the discipline of how to behave with people around us at various circumstances.
This teaching goes overboard and we also are taught to “like” what other people like and many a time being insulted for our tastes! Are you with me? We suppress the desire for someone or something fearing rejection by the circle we are in. This repression is the root cause of the feeling of loss and emptiness that many of us feel within ourselves at some point down the lane. In the process of taking in what other want us to like and admit into our lives, we get lost of the environment which our heart really longs for.
This forceful thought needn’t be something that has been obviously thrust on us, but this happens in a very subtle way. In terms of relationships, we fear accepting someone who we absolutely like, as they might be someone whom the peers would look down upon or not approve of being a partner. In response to being in terms with the peer group, you might end up  dating a guy or a girl who is perceived to be “settled”, “hot”, “gorgeous”, “handsome” on general terms, whereas you aren’t turned on by them at all according to your desires, but you fake them. This goes on until a time comes where you feel lost in the relationship and when you reveal your sadness, people blame you for not accepting someone who is amazing in their eyes. The problem is both of you are beautiful but aren’t meant for each other. The key to find your “the one” is to trace back to your childhood/adolescent crushes. They teach you a lot when you can find a pattern of something that you would like in a prospective partner.
Childhood as pristine and pure it is, is also free of adulteration of others’ viewpoints on our wishes. This pattern of your liking is a template for you, if you realize it. This realization is so important that if you abide by it, and when you find your passion in someone they automatically reciprocate it to you and the void is filled.
This same principle holds true for a passion in a career. That which you value right from your childhood (this includes your conviction to pursue something and not just the choice of what it is), no matter how much opposition you received from your circle of people for being different, forms the crux of your true passion.
That which you are taught to value will put you in a spot to revaluate your movement in life when the threshold has been reached. Throwing the past behind does not work in this scenario and it is the past that will bring you back the happiness that you thought was long lost. |
As an adult you are so lost and become inhibited (no matter how you project it outside) that you search indefinitely for what you want in life that will fulfill you, the key is not on the outside, it is within you, your very own inner child who is uninhibited and true and that help you rediscover your self.

Blessings Priya.

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