What Are Your Priorities?

October 3, 2013

Its worth taking stock of what you really find important in life, we in the West are bound by success, money and therefore work. We often try to juggle family, friends, children, work, money, study and so much more , yet most of us have to make a sacrifice to get it all crammed in a day. And boy aren’t we stressed?  It’s time to question what is your sacrifice?

When life nears the end you will not be able to make that choice yourself, as you lose control of your life, you will not be able to have the things you want, go the places you want or most importantly be with the people you want. That chilling thought should make you stop and review your priorities today while you still have control, does work matter that much, is the pursuit of success that important?

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One response to “What Are Your Priorities?”

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