Walking Your Path Without Fear.

March 30, 2020

Living with anxiety is like being stuck with fear of the future. It is the result of a life full of worries, doubts, fears, inner disharmony and insecurity. 
We shouldn’t let anxiety ruin our lives, and we need to stop being so hard on ourselves. We need to acknowledge that we all have insecurities. All of us. 
We become anxious when there is something in our heart, that we really want or fear. We start having doubts that our fears are going to become a reality, and we are afraid that the worst will happen. We can see that anxiety is always present as something of the future … Before we know it, we become addicted to worry about what is to come.

We are all responsible to choose our path and create our own life….that’s why need our intuition; because we can’t live our lives relying on what others think, or how everyone else does it. We have to be able to feel and receive the guidance from our own emotions.

Our mind is capable of making up all kinds of disaster, which leads to the feeling of being lost. Intuition is always there to warn us of real and present danger, and it is up to us to be open to learning and to trust our feelings. Our anxiety clearly has a mind of its own. We feel powerless and we think that we can not control when it comes or when it goes, and all attempts to stop it will just make it stronger. We need to know that  we are far greater than these feelings and thoughts.  Our inner guidance wants what is true for us regardless of our fears or negative outlook in life. We can access our inner guidance more frequently when we don’t try to control, lead or direct our thoughts. Asking for inner guidance is a way to seek input from our higher self, or higher power. 

Try to pay attention to your soul and body, relax, breathe and meditate. Remember times of a deep connection and positive emotional experiences, and rediscover your connection with life itself. If we keep looking for happiness and inner peace outside ourselves, we will never find it.  Emotional balance is found from within.  

Remember: Courage doesn’t mean you don’t get afraid; courage means you don’t let fear stop you.

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