Visualization to Calm Your Fears

November 7, 2013

Fear often stops us from achieving our goals, it holds us back in relationships and in our career. For some people the fear if taking a risk is so deep the life becomes stagnant and they live in distress, worrying about everything.  There are lots of ways to over come fear, starting one step at a time, getting counselling  and learning to calm the mind. This is a very quick visualisation to start to calm fears .

Think of something that is a symbol of calm to you, it could be an image of your guardian angel, the ocean or a favourite place where you feel at peace, spend some time there in your mind. Fine tune your image, make sure the colours are the right intensity, turn up the volume on the sounds you can hear and try to bring back the scents or smells, spend some time just being calm.

When you start to feel fear and anxiety, stop and ask yourself  what is going on, what or who caused this and why. Now put the cause with the calming situation, so if your anxiety is about someone at work put them in your calm place, let say we put them by the side of a beautiful ocean scene. Then once again fine tune that scene that makes you feel calm.

As you fine tune the calm scene the anxiety scene starts to fade, when you become aware of that, imagine them fading even further until they are simply a dot in your picture of calm, then blow away the dot. If you spend time in your calm place fine tuning it when you are not fearful, eventually you will just be able to go there and not have to take your anxious situation with you, it will automatically make you calm again.

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