Visualisation Techniques

January 17, 2014

Still stressed with work, family, life, money and even the weather? January can be such a grey, dull yet frantic month.  We try to meditate and relax but often can’t find a vision or idea with our meditation and this is where visualisation helps.

There are a variety of physical health benefits to guided visualization. These include a lowering of blood pressure as well as the level of stress hormones in the blood. After quieting body and mind, you feel full of energy and exceedingly relaxed. Refreshed, you are ready to face the challenges that await out there. It mobilizes unconscious and pre-conscious processes to assist with conscious goals so it can increase strength and motivation to accomplish anything. So, subtle and gentle as it is, it can be very powerful, and even more so over time.

Visualisation can be used for any change, job interviews, major life modifications, by simply picturing the event or process fully in the mind.  Guided visualisation can also help you get in touch with your intuition or gut feelings, just allowing the images and feeling they get during a visualisation to guide them at a later date.

Its great as anyone can use it, imagery breaks any cultural or gender based barriers, and for those of us who are based in the West it is easier than traditional meditation, and is so much quicker to develop as a skill.

So you can use your own imagery or download lots of visualisations from the internet, but in the end your own imagery will take over anyway and you mind will edit, change or skip sections to suit you.

Something to remember when picking your visualisation is images created in the mind can be almost as real as actual, external events. The mind doesn’t quite get the difference, always useful for losing weight or getting healthy.  When fully relaxed you are capable of more rapid and intense healing, growth, learning and performance, so you can learn better or complete a job interview well when you visualise it. When you have a sense of being in control you feel better and can do better. Feeling in control is associated with higher optimism, self-esteem, and ability to tolerate pain, ambiguity and stress.

Once you find a visualisation to suit you there are a few things you can do your enhance your journey

  • Don’t try to force it, just go with the flow , there is no right or wrong way to do your visualisation
  • Pick your music wisely  to go with your theme and remember essential oils can enhance your experience too
  • If you get emotional, tearful, start to cough or sneeze do not worry these can be reactions to a visualisation
  • If you fall asleep you will still be hearing and seeing the visualisation you just will not be aware of it
  • Finally the more you do this the less time you need to feel fully relaxed

I started my visualisations with a candle to improve my connection with spirit and the angels and this can be found by clicking here


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