Unleash Your Potential

October 25, 2015

I’ve learned that when we start to value our existence, and make a decision to count our own blessings, instead of someone else’s blessings, we stop turning to things outside of ourselves to find meaning and wholeness. Counting your successes is the best way to change your mindset, and to be open to positive changes. Negative minds are always  obsessed with the things they don’t have, instead of being thankful for what they do have in their lives. An ungrateful person is always comparing himself/herself to other people all the time, wishing they were someone else.

The best way to get demotivated is by comparing yourself to others. We need to acknowledge that there is a positive aspect of any situation. Having a positive mind can help us to create a stronger sense of self-reliance and personal power. When you feel that you need to complain about something, try to think about the things that makes you smile. In life, every moment we have the choice to be free from disturbance, or to be unwilling to accept peace. When we are at peace we attract positive energy to our lives, but, if we insist on creating disturbance, we attract negativity that hold us back in life.

A happy life is possible when you see the value in where you are, while you’re there. Enjoy what’s happening, while it’s happening. Start your day by identifying what is most important to you. A good and productive day can only happen if we prioritise things in order to keep a healthy mind. My life really changed for the better when I started doing the most important thing first in the morning. We all have times of the day that we work better, and it’s best to schedule the difficult tasks for those times. You can start taking control of your life by thinking about how you are using your time during the day, and creating a daily routine: make time for yourself, and most important, make time to do something that you really enjoy during your day too.

Positive or negative vibes can be transmitted through the power of thought, so train yourself to shift your focus to the goodness in your life every time you are plagued by negative and useless emotions. Working on a positive mindset can be a constant challenge in the beginning of your journey to a more positive life, because our thoughts can happen so quickly that we don’t even realise consciously that we’ve had a negative thought. That’s why I believe in the power of meditation. Meditation creates awareness in your life. Developing greater awareness of your thoughts and what triggers them, is a large part of adopting a more positive lifestyle and to avoid temptations. When you are aware, you are able to make better decisions, and you are also able to reflect before you react.

Let go of perfectionism. Being a perfectionist about yourself and about your life, will just leave you frustrated and demotivated. Perfectionists tend to be very critical of others, and this causes them not to accept in others what they can’t accept in themselves.The secret to better relationships in life is acceptance. When we learn to be kind to ourselves, and accept our flaws and imperfections, we’re much less likely to be judgmental of others. Nobody is perfect, and there will be times when you fail, but accepting your limitations realising that life is full of ups and downs, is an important step in being a happier person.

Make positive goals, while you continue to seek purpose in your job, relationship, and other activities. We all need reasons to keep ourselves going. Start your day focusing on where you want to be, but remember let go of control, because whenever you try to control a life situation, you will feel stressed out and negativity may follow.

It’s rewarding to be positive even when you feel the need to share something personal with someone, or through social media. Your intentions are powerful, and you can be a source of inspiration to others when you realise how contagious pleasant emotions can be.  Focus on all of the good and wonderful things in your life and avoid thinking that you’re a victim of bad circumstances. It is very easy to become addicted to negativity. Cultivating a calm and grateful nature radiates serenity and attract good luck to your life. Be kind and monitor your self-talk. Once you do that, you will be able to listen to your inner voice. Don’t let anyone else dilute the power of your positive intentions, because the journey of unleashing your potential is truly a worthy one.

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