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Understand & Question Your Emotions.

February 9, 2022

You have the ability to preserve your emotional energy by staying calm and positive in difficult situations rather than allowing yourself to become upset or angry. You can master your emotions and use them to make your life better. Emotions are incredibly important for our survival, our ability to be successful and our ability to make good decisions. Our emotions and behaviour are directly connected to the way we perceive our lives and our circumstances. Only when you are emotionally balanced, you can achieve your true potential.

Positive emotions give you energy, while negative emotions takes your energy away. When you are motivated and full of positivity, you radiate energy and enthusiasm. But when you are angry or depressed, or negative for any reason, you feel tired and frustrated, and eventually burned out. That’s why is so important to keep focused on your dreams and goals, and stay away from the things and people that cause you stress and negative emotions.

Sometimes what we need is a moment to ourselves. That’s why meditation and mindfulness is so important to balance our emotions. If you are feeling overwhelmed, take a moment to look at how you feel, what you are thinking, and what is going on around you in order to balance your emotions. If your mind wanders into criticism, planning or worrying, take notice and gently redirect it to sensations in the present moment. Remember that part of having emotional control is being able to question your assumptions and avoid letting yourself to jump to conclusions before having all of the facts. Every day, reserve a few minutes to go to a quiet place and focus on relaxing your body. Focus on your breath and visualise relaxing things, such as a calm beach, a deserted island or a country road. Be mindful of your breathing for several minutes, and just observe your thoughts as you focus on breathing slowly, in and out. Doing this for just 5 minutes a day can make you feel more focused and balanced. Never underestimate the importance of your own energy levels when you focus on building up your resilience against stressful people and situations. Remember that enlightenment comes from within.

Meditation can make you achieve emotional balance because it helps your concentration and allows you to accept your emotions without judging them or yourself. It will help you to recharge your physical and emotional batteries, and the better rested you are, the more effective and calm you will be.

When you connect to your inner self you can find the real motives of your thoughts and actions. By analysing the circumstances that led up to negative emotions, you are able to control them, and eliminate them. The secret to peace and calmness consists in learning to process any information with caution until you have the time to investigate things better. If you learn to be mindful and not react immediately to facts, you can build up a pretty good sense of what deserves more research and what doesn’t even need your attention.

Trust that everything happens at the right moment, neither too soon or too late. For everything you lose, you gain something else, and for everything you gain, you lose something else. If you experience a lot of negative emotions, remember that sometimes you gotta sink down to the depths, to find the motivation to skyrocket back up. You can use unpleasant feelings to change your focus in order to transform your life and gain self knowledge.

Remember to surround yourself with good energy, and you will feel your emotions change. Keep in mind that only when you understand your own feelings, you can put yourself in the shoes of others in order to understand their motivations, aspirations, and turmoils. Knowing your strengths and limitations allows you to be a better person in general. You can always use negative emotions to your advantage by learning from them. When you reframe you feelings, you feel empowered. All of your feelings are temporary and manageable. Keep in mind that knowing others is wisdom, but knowing yourself is enlightenment.

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