Un Block Your Fears

July 2, 2015

Let Go – Let God is a term I have used often with myself and others when giving spiritual Tarot guidance through difficult times. It dawned on me while doing a reading why not apply the same mantra to all our times. Instead of falling only in fear into letting God take over our direction, I am learning to surrender complete control over to this divine spirit for every aspect of my life. It has never let me down! Even when I have been so scared I did not know where to place my next step – or even that I should. When we let fear, anxiety or insecurity take over we stay stagnant, remaining in one place, growing ever more fearful with each day. This is no way to live! Nor will you be able to take notice if opportunity, potential and joy cross your path to say come take a ride with us today.

In Tarot, the journey through the Suit of Swords is included for the reader to realize all the power we can apply to breaking free from unproductive and stagnant situations comes from the control of our mind. The ancient Tarot taught us the lessons in the beginning numbers of the Suit of Swords is about the reader exploring and emerging with a new way of thinking. Our individual intellect, our point of view gets developed through our journey and the experiences we encounter. This can be scary because for you many of us the first step starts with the breaking of a quandary going on in our heads to think positively for ourselves at all times and to tell your anxiety and what can feel like paralyzing fear to take a hike out of your life! I know this sounds easier than done – but point of the Suit of Swords is to build your confidence through situations that test and ask you to make sure you have your value represented.

So many of us can claim to have money, family and work fears that have become so embedded they are a way of life. Over the years our behavior becomes predictable. Not wanting to spend an extra pound because of a perceived future electric bill, nor thinking we can raise our voice with a creative idea at work or even worse having no individuality while staying in a relationship. You can add fear of confrontation, hurt feelings and abandonment to the list that can cause us to stay put. We slowly become cut off from joy as it gets taken over by the inactions of our fears which can make us irritable, miserable and sometimes out-right mean because we know deep inside we are only betraying our destiny; which includes embracing the change we know needs to take place in our life but are too afraid in instigate.

We can become familiar with being in a state of fear. Like a bad habit it can be easy to maintain because we do not have to do anything as it prevents us from taking a chance or breaking free of the status quo but most importantly, and sadly, believing in ourselves. One of God’s greatest gifts! Sometimes when we have been through so much we forget how far we have really come and forget how those rough experiences made us a stronger, wiser and more valued creative individual. Easy developments and happiness helps build the foundation of our character – but it is not what tests our resolve, integrity and belief in ourselves. These traits originate in your heart, your intuition and grow stronger through your experience with the higher meaning in our lives. How can we be afraid when we have become spiritual warriors through our testing?

God never wants you to be fearful or to not achieve your destiny, and will come along and help get you moving! In Tarot this encounter is represented by The Tower! The only man-made structure in the Tarot, The Tower is a metaphorical destruction to oppressive and stagnant situations and people that are in our lives. Easier said, God is going to clear the way for you to start again. I have learned either we can be part of this process and help guide the outcome or you can fight it and well, I think we know how that ends. This is the experience of The Tower.

I love this card because there have been times in my life when I knew a change needed to take place but I could not bear the effort, encounter etc. to start it – and along comes The Tower teaching that we need to embrace change because like the seasons, they are necessary to make way for new life.

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