True Love

September 1, 2014

Who really knows how one falls in love. We meet together, talk , laugh, sip our drink whilst studying the person we have just meet, in front of our very eyes.
For some perhaps arrange another meeting, date as one would call it. Or may thank the person and say i ‘ll be in touch.
Connection is perhaps the most important feeling one can have in a relationship, both Mental and Physical. Without either a relationship could not survive.
It is really strange how attraction has to be part of the package, but we really no, with all those looks if there is no Brain the relationship is doomed to fail!
Intimacy  runs dry in the end once the newness has worn off.  So it really is important to get a mix of the two.

What is it about Life, you meet fall in love, have a family and go along in Life, then have your big bubble burst wide open.
For some this is no surprise almost an expectation or a gut feeling. But for many it is a Total Shock.

Picking up the pieces after loosing some one you had known or been used to for many years can be a real hard and traumatic time.
You could almost start to take it upon yourself, through food, drink, smoking to much, anything you can get your hands on in order to cope.

What you need to try to Focus on is the Future, how did it get to this point, was that relationship right for me?  Would i want to spend my whole Life loving someone who did not love me in return?
The answer is so Black and White, smack in my face it hurts!
Once you have dealt with beating yourself up, you can then plan forward for your next Chapter. As we all have so many. It is the better person who can have the Tenacity to let go, have reflection on the past and move forward to the Healthier Future. One that you truly deserve.

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