True Love

September 29, 2015

The Path to True Love

Some of us wonder if true love does really exist. Sometimes, we have the idea that true love is effortless, like hollywood romance. The problem is that we don’t know what a truly healthy relationship looks like, and is supposed to feel like, in real life. The reality of true love is that it takes work, like most good relationships do. As your relationship with your partner progress, your responsibilities in life grow, as well as your frustrations. Most of us are busy and tired, and we forget to invest some of our energy to nurture our love for each other. The thing is that we have high expectations regarding how romance should be; and when we think that a relationship should be a certain way, and ours isn’t, frustration sets in; but frustration could be the killer of any relationship.

When you find someone who love you as you are, and you are able to love this person back as he/she is, it is an amazing experience. In order to understand if a relationship is worth fighting for, you need to observe how you feel in the relationship, and observe if your connection to the other person feels good, or if you feel emotionally drained all the time. When we truly love someone, we have the ability to accept and even embrace personality differences. It is true that it’s exhausting to fight all the time, and it’s exhausting to feel like we’re constantly building the relationship up again and again. That’s why it’s important to focus on the positive aspects of your relationship in order to keep it alive and well.

A love relationship involves a careful balance between giving and receiving, between generosity and personal satisfaction. True love challenge us to do better. Real love means being committed to sticking together even through the most difficult circumstances. In the real world, we have to find room for love whilst dealing with chores, money, worries, health concerns, and obligations of all kinds. Sometimes, there just doesn’t seem to be enough time or energy left. We need to understand that if we don’t find time to nurture the love we feel for our partner, we may lose sight of what it’s important.

It’s easy to assume that a relationship is meant to be a straight line, but there are always twists and turns in the course of any relationship. How you both deal high high and lows is what keeps it alive. If it is true love, you’ll always find a way to weather the storms. Each time you move through the highs and lows of your journey together, your relationship reaches a deeper level of love.

I believe that it’s important to stop fantasising about perfect relationships and understand that sometimes, what ruins it for us, is our own expectations. Real love requires real inner work that a lot of people just aren’t prepared for. Real love asks us to be happy with ourselves first, and find contentment in solitude. Only when we find our own peace of mind and find our purpose, we are able to have the empathy to see the world from another person’s perspective. When our relationship is in the wrong path, we need to question ourselves if we really know the other person, because sometimes our own expectations and impressions, have been wrong all along. When we have unrealistic expectations, we are always trying to find the source of our unhappiness, and consequently, we only bring even more unhappiness into our relationship, and our lives.

Love is about navigating the numerous differences between you and your partner. Love allows you to communicate honestly in order to understand each other better. Love is not always convenient, but if it is true love, it will outlast any strain, overcome any obstacle, and grow consistently and exponentially. Sometimes, relationships go to through a hard time because only when things fall apart, you can learn how to develop the coping skills and wisdom to deal with even bigger issues in the future. Whatever doesn’t destroy your relationship, will surely make it stronger. Those couples who work at the relationship through time and don’t give up, come out on the other side more fulfilled and happier than ever.

Remember that you will always know what is best for yourself more than anyone else does. Listen to your intuition, and stop looking for perfection when it comes to love and relationships. When you are intoxicated by your own ego, you can make mistakes on your choices. We can’t afford to waste our lives searching for a certain ideal person/relationship that may not exist. You can start finding true love in your relationship by forgiving each other for your mistakes, practicing acceptance, and not letting any negativity from the past to hold you back any longer.

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