To overcome the lethargy of spirit

September 14, 2017

Paranormal Paralysis stopping progress

Everyone who knows what real job means also knows well the periods of total immobility, unwillingness, and stagnation. They appear from nowhere and of no reason. It is not depression, when sorrow and sadness from the past wrap you and cause tears on your eyes; it is not worries about the future when fear or anxiety push you forward in chaotic and fussy way, it is not even a period of change, when you know that no matter how hard it may be, things will change and you will finally receive the peace of mind. The paralysis is best described with the word… nothing. Neither good, nor bad. Indifferent. Sleepy.

It is not only frustrating, it is also destructive and, thus, disappointing. First of all, for our spiritual selves. It ruins identity. If it is true that we are what we do, then if I cannot do what I was meant for, what I can, then who am I? Nothing. A biological creature, fit maximum for some function. This spiritual paralysis is felt even when you perform all your job responsibilities, communication and family duties. But deep inside you have the feeling that all around you is not real, and you should be or do other things; and then, when you have time and chance, you just sit and can do completely nothing. When does it come from? It may occur in case of overwhelming schedule and distracting obligations, or, most likely, it is a just natural phenomena, especially if you deal with spirits and energy.

Until I realize these declines are unavoidable, I learned to cope with them and noticed it helped to reduce their duration. First of all, it is important to accept it. In our age of cultivation of personal strength and success it is dreadful to realize we can be weak. Allow yourself being weak and tired for a while. Even your spiritual calling and high responsibility cannot make you a hero available 24 hours per day. Even the best warrior deserves the halt and comfort. This realization frees you from the feeling of guilt, which is even more frustrating than this helplessness. Guilt paralyses and loads you with unbearable burden. Don’t blame yourself and don’t exhaust with unnecessary complaints. Inner lamentation will do anything good neither for you, nor for other. Instead, a good relax will restore and calm you, and, moreover, grant with the new experience. Another hint may be to fulfill the old promises. They are a huge burden even the smallest promises we had made before.

To manage these periods of weakness and turn them into the periods of relaxation or revisal, there are a few useful and helpful meditative techniques. You may try to reinterpret your state and try to perceive your mood from different angle. You have already released yourself from high demands and high expectations. Now there is a turn to imagine yourself a small girl on holidays, who is allowed an ice-cream and cartoon. The main stress comes from becoming grown-up too early. We are children inside and deserve some pleasure from this world. At least, even for the job we are doing for people and the world.

The chakras meditation to fulfill your balance is simple and doesn’t always need additional efforts or resources except imagination. In the state we discuss even words and simple magic actions can often be difficult to perform. So the colours you imagine around yourself, might be an effective tool. Especially when you don’t know the matter or an exact root of the problem. In case of sluggishness you automatically will stay more with red, orange and yellow tones, if ther is a need to concentrate more, the cool colours of blue and violet will attract.

Sometimes it is enough to retrieve any memory which comforts, consoles or inspire. Sometimes it is good to hold your favourite crystal while falling asleep, or look at your favourite tarot arcane or any other image. Use crystals, carry your favourite jewellery, watch pleasant scenery and views. Emotions caused by pleasing your sensory system, your sight, smell, touch, and sound, are the fuel which is capable to tear you from unclear and annoying paralytic state.

The most effective way though is to focus on others more than yourself, especially if there is an urgent need. Seek those who need help, starting with family members, and finishing with pets, and try to see how your power may assist or teach them. Perhaps, this way is the fastest to wake up and remember who you are applying your skills and using energy for the good.

Without will we are not creators. Without actions with purpose we are worthless, and easily used. Ancient Egyptian wisdom has a legend about the creation, where Hu and Sia, a word and a wish, the driving forces, live in god, without which life would be impossible. We all have to remember about the power of speech and will. Of course, not empty words and momentary wishes but focused and meaningful expression of our deep and sacred heart desires, which are always in harmony with spirit. Don’t let invisible destructive forces take your desires and will away, fight for your dreams and for your mission, follow your path, even though sometimes a short break needed.


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