Time to Relax

July 30, 2014

We all work hard at whatever we do, we all care for others and spend so much time just doing things to ensure we get that next promotion, the kids get to school or we ensure others are alright.  We get stressed as there are not enough hours in the day, there needs to be more time and then we could fit it all in! So to relax would just be lazy right? Wrong

The fact there is so much to do and so much stress means to relax is more and more vital. The more we ignore this the worse our stress gets, the stress leads to tiredness, anxiety, lack of enthusiasm, short temperedness and  it comes out physically, we get ill, IBS, headaches and so on. This is because stress hormones suppress the immune response and its ability to fight germs, can cause over-reactive airways in asthma patients, cause blood pressure spikes, damage your arteries, promote high cholesterol We also become more self destructive under stress, we do not respect ourselves and our bodies  so we over eat, drink too much and neglect our well-being. Leave it too long and mental health issues arrive too. We need to relax before we get to that stage, at the point where we think we really do not have time to relax.

Unfortunately, far too many of us get stress mixed up with it with ambition or responsibility. The time to relax is when we lose our sense of humour, our body aches and our sleep is badly disturbed – ‘the can’t sleep on a Sunday night syndrome’! Most of all when others tell us to relax or chill out we know we really need to!

The obvious thing is take time out, go on holiday or read a book, but for some of us we need to start with little steps as we have been stressed for so long we don’t know how to relax any more.

Breathe. Something we do automatically but done consciously and deeply we can quickly bring our blood pressure back to a normal state.  Take Deep breaths through the nose and slowly, let this out through the mouth

Get outside; take a walk or a run through the outside world, by water or in the countryside. the fresh air and the peace will automatically calm down your stressed brain and the exercise is good for the heart which will be affected by the stress.

Be creative – draw, paint, sew, dance, act whatever it is that you love to do to, sit back and enjoy it , see if your stress will come out that way  you could try to draw your stress or you worries.

After trying these small changes you can give meditation a go, yoga, take that holiday and who knows look at what drives you so much – then change it

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