This Weeks Horoscopes

October 19, 2014

Give helpful advice to others and help them with tasks that they need to accomplish this week, Aries. Avoid family conflicts in the middle of the week. Physical activity can relieve tension and stress caused by frustration, especially in the beginning of the week. If you exercise in the right environment, your energy levels will increase. Romance is favourable on the weekend.

Don’t be hard on yourself this week, Taurus. You can work on recognising when your thoughts are overly negative and turn them around to lead yourself to a healthier mindset.  Practice talking about yourself positively to your friends, and work on increasing your network of contacts during this period.

Take time to work on a new hobby or maybe learn something new this week, Gemini. Make some time to spend with your friends. During this period  you can win the whole universe with your smile.  Allow yourself to be hopeful. If you see learning as a wonderful thing, then you can see every mistake as a blessing.

You need to accept that if the relationship is meant to be, it will happen, Cancer. If not, then you’re meant for something better. If a personal project or repeated task is frustrating you, find another project or hobby to work on for a while. Remember that when you’re in a bad mood, your body knows it, take care of your health during this period.

You may feel bad about yourself because you feel like you have absolutely nothing to look forward in the beginning of the week, Leo. If you practice gratitude, you’ll soon see that you have no reason to feel bad. Take the chance to learn something you don’t know. The message this week is to push beyond your comfort zone to fuel your personal growth.

Be ready to apologise in case you feel it’s necessary during this period, Virgo. It’s time to get rid of your bad friends and make new, positive connections. Let go of any resentment you may have about your past. Clearly express what you want from your life, taking a  different approach in a situation will set you free.

You don’t have to brag to talk about something you’ve accomplished or something you’re excited about during this period, Libra. Let your family members know how you’re feeling this week. In a social situation you need to avoid making a bad impression on others. Find the balance you need to recognise your own emotions and understand their origins.

Avoid pretending to be someone you’re not, Scorpio. Live your life exactly how you want to live it without looking back.  Ask yourself why you feel the need to please certain people. Finding a solution to a problem is possible if you focus on it. Avoid spending more than you can afford, specially in the beginning of the week.

You may realise that there is only one obstacle to your happiness, Sagittarius. As soon as you notice what is holding you back and make the changes, you will accomplish something you’re really proud of. This will make you routinely feel better about who you are, because you’ll have other people cheering you on.  Focus on your happiness this week and trust your intuition.

Conserve our inner energy, and be more consciously productive this week, Capricorn. Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time each night and morning during this period in order to increase your energy levels. Your past will soon be forgotten and tomorrow will be a better day, filled with joy.

Your energy levels may be low, and you may be feeling insecure about yourself in the beginning of the week, Aquarius. Try to change the subject if your friends start talking about their weight or diet. Show them that there are more interesting things to talk about. If you are not careful, your emotions will get in the way of your life

In the beginning of the week it’s time to shine and show the world what you can do, Pisces. On the weekend if you feel like getting a massage to get rid of some of that tension, go for it, it will definitely make you feel better, both physically and mentally. Mood swings can take your energy away after wednesday. Don’t over think about your past decisions, and look forward to your future during this period.

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