This Weeks Horoscopes

May 22, 2016

Be wise choosing your friends because you may find yourself being taken advantage of this week, Aries. Consider reciprocity. Thinking about times you’ve helped others, will give you confidence in asking others for help or advice.  You should go out and do activities to find what you really like, and then pursue what you want in your job/career.

Observe yourself and others instead of judging this week, Taurus. You will notice that when you stop judging, the negativity stops. Your mind will be open to new ideas on the weekend. Remember that it may be great to have someone to make you feel good, but it feels even better knowing you helped someone else to achieve something.

This week you should remember that you can’t really be happy being something or someone you’re not, Gemini. It is time to decide what you would like to change, and start the projects you’ve been thinking about lately. Someone may be trying to make you lose focus on your goals, just avoid thinking that you can’t do something, and believe in yourself.

This week you need to realise that you should make your time together with your family more meaningful, Cancer. It is a good idea to surprise someone you care about and nurture your relationship with your partner. On the weekend, catching up with your friends helps you feel supported and cultivate a more positive attitude.

Preparation for a specific task that makes you nervous will make you feel ready and self-assured this week, Leo. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you this week. Be more romantic to your partner in order to improve your relationship with him/her. You need to focus on the half-full, not the half-empty in your life.

Be a good listener this week, Virgo. Remember that one of the keys to being heard is knowing how to listen, because people who know they’re being heard are more inclined to listen to you. New opportunities will be presented to you this week, but it’s important to be friendly when you meet people, and try to see the best in them.

This week even light physical activities will have a positive effect in you, Libra. Focus on the opportunities you have to make some improvements in your lifestyle. It’s a good time to change habits you’ve wanted to change for a long time. Avoid cancelling or failing to follow through your commitments this week.

This week you need to realise that once you adjust your mindset, you will be able to accomplish your goals, Scorpio. Meditation can help you to keep your emotions balanced during this week. Don’t base your opinions on others, and limit your interaction to people you are not comfortable with.

This week, surround yourself with people you love and who make you confident, Sagittarius. Don’t settle for less. Remember that nothing is worse than someone leading you on and wasting time and emotions. Don’t be scared to ask for outside help, it may be just what you need and it is never a poor reflection on your own worth.

Focus on enjoying more of the daily moments and your mood will improve a lot as a result, Capricorn. Focusing on your better attributes will distract you from perceived flaws and boost your sense of worth this week.Think about changing your ways in order to get what you desire this week. If the problem is something you’re doing, then you need to change the way you act or react.

This week you will be able to acknowledge something without allowing it to annoy you, Aquarius. Be more adventurous, brand new things are waiting to be explored. Improve your relationships, and allow for more warmth and love between the people closest to you. Financial transactions are favourable beginning of the week.

Doing something unusual will increase your energy levels during this week, Pisces. Don’t be afraid to say no to others. Remember that you cannot get the lost time back, but you still have time to get what you want.  When communicating, avoid prepping your response while the other person is talking. Listen carefully, and then offer your thoughts.

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