This Weeks Horoscopes

March 19, 2016

This week is important to remember that being positive encourages others to see the world similarly, Aries. Learn to ignore negative and damaging comments made against you during this week. Train yourself to adopt the notion that you have the right to filter or discard negatively targeted opinions on the weekend.

Take control of your emotions and feelings in relation to the attachments in your life this week, Taurus. Learn to delegate responsibilities if needed during this period. Remember that living in harmony means being aware of our emotions. You may be blessed with good news by the weekend.

When communicating this week, remember that it’s more honourable to be upfront about how you feel, Gemini. Explore and plan exciting events and activities with your friends and family. Be prepared to take risks and remember that life can’t be exciting if you’re always doing the same thing.

Good luck is with you for financial transactions this week, Cancer. Ask yourself which aspects of your life should be treated with the most care during this period. Do not focus on your problems, and remember that all problems can be solved. On the weekend, be discreet and keep the most special parts of your love life and personal life to yourself.

Personal problems can be addressed and resolved before they erupt into an argument this week, Leo. Decide what you want from a loving relationship before sharing your feelings with your partner. You are responsible for your own decisions and your own wishes. Travelling plans are favourable on the weekend.

Your energy levels are high this week, and people should be able to notice the confidence and happiness that radiates from you, Virgo. It’s important to be patient and keep in mind that in every negative, it is possible to find a positive. On the weekend, spend some time alone to reflect the person you are, the things you want in your life, and what you really need to let go of.

Enjoy the company of people you love and trust, and focus on your qualities this week, Libra. Pay attention to the small things. Do not procrastinate, and remember that if you are nurturing doubt and anxiety, it can cause you to make no progress towards your goals. Don’t be afraid of messing things up, be prepared to accept new challenges because you will succeed.

Make sure you have the resources to start the projects you have in mind this week, Scorpio. Remember that feeling empowered by new beginnings in life is a powerful way to change your view of the world. You need to stick to your budget and avoid over spending on the weekend.

Celebrate your accomplishments, but let go of the things you haven’t done yet, Sagittarius. Don’t put yourself under a lot of pressure. You will be blessed with people who offer encouragement and embrace you as you are, make sure to enjoy their wisdom and nourish yourself from their example.

Good luck is with you to resolve personal matters this week, Capricorn. During this period you must keep in mind that being open to constructive criticism is generally good for self improvement and indirectly helps you to become a more fruitful and stable person. Romance is favourable on the weekend.

Not being true to your values create false feelings which drain you emotionally and leave you feeling empty and unsatisfied this week, Aquarius. Bring romance back into your relationship during this period. If you find yourself feeling unromantic, it’s time for you and your partner have fun together.

Pay attention to details this week, Pisces. New projects will bring you new opportunities, focus on your qualities. On the weekend, remember that managing your flaws is the best way to prevent negative or emotionally draining accusations and comments. It’s time to think about maintaining a few good, solid and rewarding relationships in your life.

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