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This Weeks Horoscopes

January 24, 2016

Avoid making the assumption that you are personally to blame for anything that goes wrong, Aries. If you take this type of thinking too far, you can get paranoid.Try minimising your exposure to stressful situations and spend more time listening to calming music or reading today. You financial status will improve soon.

All those times you failed in the past will prepare you for the big choices in life, Taurus. Stay away from people who upset you, and take control of what you can control. If a person hurts you, don’t keep him/her in your life. Be happy with what you have, communication is the key to sort things out.

Today you need to remember that happiness is more important than material things, Gemini. Go for what you want in life. There’s no better time than the present to enjoy. No one and nothing can make you feel bad, without your permission. Listen to your intuition, and be inspired by your dreams.

There are some aspects of life where you must focus on yourself, but only focusing on your own needs will never result in true, sustainable happiness, Cancer. Make plans, allow yourself to take some risks, and open your mind to new opportunities today. Use your time to improve your skills.

Small acts of kindnesses seem to add up and help you to feel more useful, thankful and a part of the wider community today, Leo. Finding someone with similar interests, will give you motivation to accomplish a goal. Turn your anger against things you can do something about without being destructive.

Admit your mistakes, Virgo. You aren’t perfect, and showing that you are only human, and will make people respect you more. Always focus on healing and moving forward instead of resenting a person. Be flexible today and make sure to listen to what your partner has to say.

Connect to your positive emotions by taking a moment to appreciate something beautiful around you today, Libra. Throw away your ego, and look for activities that focus on meaningful things to you, as a form of developing your spirituality. Recognising that feelings are temporary can help you manage them.

By choosing to take a positive outlook today, you can begin to shift out of a negative frame of mind, and see life as filled with possibilities and solutions instead of worries and obstacles, Scorpio. You will be able to improve your mental and physical health, as well as your ability to deal with change.

Open your mind to the fact that meeting new people can be great for you, Sagittarius. Remember that every day is a new opportunity to live the life you love with the people you love. If you’re feeling stressed out after a work day, do something relaxing the minute you get home, in order to increase your energy levels.

It’s time to find your personal path, Capricorn. Look closely at your skills, your life situation and the world around you today. Be aware of your own behaviour and regulate yourself. You need to realise that you can successfully let go of outworn attitudes and difficult relationships.

Start planning what you really want to do and investigating what needs to be done to get you to that point, Aquarius. Don’t be moody with your friends or they won’t want to be around you. If you fully believe that you need to say something, think twice. Avoid saying unnecessary things.

Being emotionally intelligent is the key to stop overreacting to every little one of life’s problems, Pisces. Any form of jealousy in your life must be dealt with, or it will consume you. If you feel you can achieve something, you will. Try to stretch yourself beyond the things you think you already know.

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