This Weeks Horoscopes

January 10, 2016

Do not isolate yourself because isolation could lead you to miss great opportunities this week, Aries. Avoid big financial decisions, and focus on nurturing your relationships with family and friends. Remember that you deserve respect and negative talk hasn’t got a place in your life.

A negative person can make you feel trapped and victimised this week, Taurus. Talking freely with others will help you to widen your ideas and motivate you to start new projects during this period. Positive events are coming your way. You need to know when it’s really important to hurry and when it’s okay to slow down.

If something feels wrong this week, it is important to recognise the warning signs, Gemini. This week you need to live in the moment because the past is history, and the future is a mystery. Enjoy spending time with your loved ones and don’t postpone your enjoyment on the weekend.

Don’t give advice to a friend this week, unless you share the same problem as the person in question, Cancer. The good stuff will outweigh the bad this week. You need to let go of negativity by challenging yourself to look into a situation with a different perspective. You do not need to rely on someone else’s opinion in order to be successful, think for yourself.

This week, you might get the feeling that you seem to float through life gracefully, never concerned (like you usually are) about what might happen if you don’t do this or don’t do that, Leo. Enjoy those moments and slow down. Do not rush. To accomplish something, you must look at the big picture and avoid giving power to your fears to control you.

Remember to show up when you say you’ll be there this week, Virgo. There are difficult feelings that you wish to avoid, but you should deal with them during this period. Take special attention to your health this week. You will achieve more than you expect if you trust your gut feeling. Communicate to your partner more, good luck is with you for new projects and a change of career.

You may want to ask others for feedback to help you to focus this week, Libra. There is a great chance to meet someone with a great sense of humour during this period, just enjoy the good times. Avoid getting involved in family conflicts in the beginning of the week. You need to be at peace with your own mistakes in order to move forward.

When you start accepting your flaws, you will be able to change your perspective, and a problem will be solved, Scorpio. Remember that calm people are happier and help your family to be more calm. Ignore a negative person that will try to bring you down in the beginning of the week.

Experience everything in order to transform and develop this week, Sagittarius. Find the benefit somewhere in the change that you are about to face in your life and listen to your first instinct. Pay attention to your intuition in the beginning of the week, even if you do not act immediately on it. If something feels wrong about a situation on the weekend, don’t ignore it.

If you still can’t seem to understand something that has happened to you, explore the suggestions for how to accept life the way it is, Capricorn. Use intuition as a lead in the beginning of the week. Knowing when to hang in and knowing when to quit is a fine balancing act that requires plenty of reflection during this period.

Dedicate some of your time to a hobby that you enjoy will help increasing your energy levels this week, Aquarius. Avoid getting involved in family conflicts in the beginning of the week. Be extra careful when signing documents during this week. It is a very good period to use your communication skills to talk to someone you’ve been admiring for a while.

Your perception is unique to you, and during this week it’s important to take others perspective into consideration too, Pisces. Someone close to you may reveal you a secret. You will further your goals by standing up for what you know is right, don’t be afraid to ask for help in the beginning of the week if you if need it.

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