This Weeks Horoscopes

October 12, 2014

Your energy levels may vary this week, and you could feel overwhelmed at times, Aries. It is important to ask for assistance from a family member or a close friend to help share the load during this period. If you find yourself in the middle of a conflict or misunderstanding in the beginning of the week, do not raise your voice or start shouting, choose your words wisely when you want to express your opinions.

Conduct your days according to your values and convictions during this week, Taurus. Do not always expect people to do things your way or you may be disappointed. It is a favourable time for education, learning, and connecting with people around you in positive ways. Avoid feeling disappointed when you didn’t get what you want, you will be surprised when you lower your expectations.

You need to keep in mind that when a bad thing occurs, the best thing to do is to tell yourself there are worse things in life that can happen, Gemini. If you adopt an optimistic perspective, others will also want to be around you more during this period. Avoid gossiping and keep secrets to yourself. You’ll hear good news about a friend.

It is important to practice gratitude during this period, Cancer. Be happy with what you have, every day. Do not keep moaning and causing yourself unnecessary distress that prevent you from feeling happy during this week. Make sure that you’re not pretending to be someone you’re not. Be nice to your partner and make your family your priority on the weekend.

You must realise beauty in every moment, and in everyday activities during this period, Leo. Trying to offer to help out in some way in your workplace will bring you rewards. The universe will return all positive actions in good fortune to you. You will also be able to achieve great things if you listen to what your intuition is telling you during this period.

You have to forget about performing for others and simply accept a situation for what it is this week, Virgo. You tend to be quiet, reflective and easily drained in high energy environments during this period. Others may display resistance to your ideas, but the only reason is because good ideas change the existing dynamic, and people tend to like things the way they are.

Hearing an opinion other than your own will increase your awareness, Libra. Call or go see someone you trust and share your ideas this week. Some family issues might make you feel uncomfortable during this period, it is vital to spend more time with people you trust. Search for new ways to present and promote what you have to offer.

Your energy levels may be low in the beginning of this week, Scorpio. You tend to recharge by interacting with others, being social and participating in social events, so try to be as social as possible. It is important to find time to meditate and nurture your inner self. It is a positive period to think about what are you doing that tempts your mind to run away from the present moment, this can reveal inner feelings you may not realise you even had.

You may realise that a different outlook will change your emotions during this period, Sagittarius. You will be able to learn how to set limits on others behaviour when they violate your boundaries. On the weekend, before you talk about something that is going great, or relatively not-so-great in your life, look at who you’re talking to.

During this week, you may be under the impression that you are being judged, but you probably aren’t, Capricorn. You need to use your past negative experiences to build character and make better decisions. You will be able to communicate and understand situations that you didn’t realise in the past. Good things are in store for you.

Seeing only the negative aspects of any situation can cause you to miss opportunities, and neglect problems that need to be solved during this period, Aquarius. Pay attention to the world around you to look for new opportunities to learn this week. Love is in the air during the weekend, and most of your actions will lead to good results.

Keep yourself in the company of positive thinking people during this period, Pisces. Avoid spending time with people who always take, and fail to reciprocate. You will realise that your circumstances do not create you, you create your circumstances. Remember that you can’t please everyone, so thinking that you can, may leave you alienated and disappointed.

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