This Weeks Horoscopes

November 14, 2015

Protect your own right to thrive through learning and connecting with people around you in positive ways this week, also try to find the tools and skills to achieve the things that matter to you, Aries. Try to make friends and fix your perception of society. Remind yourself that you’re doing your best to achieve your goals.

You will benefit from helping a person this week, Taurus. You’ll see that the person you are helping will be helping you out as much as you’re helping him/her. You should start counting your blessings instead of focusing on the challenges you have to face. Remember that it’s far more important to admit to your flaws than to be in denial.

Your energy at home is low this week, Gemini. If you are having problems at home during this week, talk to someone about it. This will get it out and make you not have to hold it in for so long wondering what will happen. A friend will help you to get a new perspective. Take special attention to your health during this period.

A negative situation will help to create balance in your life and will be an opportunity for personal growth this week, Cancer. Remember that silence is a tool, not an enemy. Learn to be comfortable with silence during this period. Avoid sharing too much personal information. Do not stress yourself. Do things because you want to do them.

This week is important to realise that letting life take you in any direction, reduces your sense of control over your life, which easily leads to depression and anxiety, Leo. It’s time for you to take control of your destiny. On the weekend, you must remind yourself that miserable people do not deserve your attention.

Spend time listening to other people this week, you will learn what they really mean underneath their commonplace words, Virgo. This is a skill that will help you to relate better and will also help you to understand your own behaviour at times. On the weekend you need  to develop self-compassion.

Accepting your situation and that you need to work around it will help you to find pathways that allow you to thrive better this week, Libra. If you still can’t seem to understand or accept something, explore the suggestions for how to accept life the way it is. Use intuition as a gift during this period.

Don’t play a mind game with yourself, and focus on accepting a situation, and continue to work on moving forward this week, Scorpio. During this period keep in mind that whenever people want you to think a certain way, it may be because it benefits them in some way, but sometimes that benefit is not always obvious or direct.

This week you need to keep in mind that is important to go with the flow, and making mistakes is not the end of the world, Sagittarius. When you begin a project thinking that nothing will go wrong, you’re only fooling yourself. Even when something change its course, it can end up being wonderful. Be adventurous and open to accept challenges; you will be blessed with good luck.

Determine what you want to achieve this week to plan or prepare for, Capricorn. The future is a big place with many eventualities, but chances are that you want to address a specific situation, problem, or opportunity. Define this end to the best of your abilities. On the weekend, you need to consider what you already know in a situation.

Listen to your first instinct this week, Aquarius. Intuition often works best before you’ve had time to study any details, so pay attention to it, even if you do not act immediately on it. If something feels wrong about a situation during this period, don’t ignore it. Travelling plans are favourable.

Be pleasant in all that you say and avoid gossiping this week, Pisces. Avoid contact with someone in your life who is is primarily interested in himself or herself during this period. Paying special attention to your spirituality can make a big impact in your self confidence, and help you to achieve a short term goal.

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