This Weeks Horoscopes

November 2, 2015

Happiness can only be achieved if there is a balance between the physical, the mental, the spiritual and the social/emotional, Aries. You tend to focus in one area of your life and forget the rest. This week you should start paying more attention to your spiritual side. Avoid financial transactions on Tuesday. With the right approach everything will fall into place.

Don’t stress out if you don’t accomplish everything just the way you planned this week, Taurus. Remain flexible and try different approaches to your goals. Don’t be so hard on yourself, sometimes you just don’t have time for everything. Focus on your priorities and do all your tasks with attention to detail. Romance is favourable on the weekend.

Make your family your priority this week, Gemini. You need to be in control of your money and avoid unnecessary shopping. Shopping can make you feel good, but remember that compulsive shopping can bring you a lot of problems in the future. It’s important to be nice to your work colleagues to avoid conflicts during this period.

Someone may try to convince you to do certain things or introduce you to new experiences this week, Cancer. Appreciate the people in your life, being kind is a vital way of bringing meaning to your routine. Someone from your past is thinking a lot about you lately. Avoid saying that you can’t do something, and believe in yourself.

This week is important to give others a choice when it comes to something that will be important to them, Leo. Avoid being shy or unapproachable because that’s going to influence people into thinking that you’re not friendly. Make any adjustment that you feel is needed. Looking for perfection can be a problem to achieve your goals.

This week you need to understand that not expressing love sometimes hurts the bond you share with others, Virgo. Owning to your mistakes and learning from them will help you to move forward. Positive events are coming your way this week, take advantage of every opportunity.

You will feel more relaxed this week because your energy levels are balanced, Libra. Find a hobby that makes you happy and try to stick to it. It’s important to never put up with someone who doesn’t care about his/her social behaviour. On the weekend remember that sometimes it’s important to stop giving your attention to wrong people.

Look at risks in any financial decision you need to make this week, Scorpio. Keep in mind that the only way to make an improvement is to make changes. During this period it’s important to give people manageable deadlines that they can work with instead of asking for everything to be done in a ridiculously short time frame.

It is extremely important that you tell others how you would like to be treated this week, Sagittarius. Listen to your intuition before making choices, and keep in mind that saying no to something you don’t want to do, helps keep you in balance. Ask for advice, but don’t waste time worrying about what you can’t do.

You need to understand that being nice doesn’t mean letting yourself get pushed around, Capricorn. Listing your daily accomplishments this week will give you motivation to achieve your goals. On the weekend it is important to keep in mind that the reason confidence is so attractive is that it shows how you feel about yourself.

Know what to avoid this week, Aquarius. It’s important to remember to never talk about difficult subjects with people you don’t know incredibly well. The risk of saying something offensive is high. Take care of your spiritual side during this period, staying on top of your emotions will help you take good care of yourself.

This week you need to let the past go and adopt a different attitude, Pisces. Remember that if you forgive you will be able to forget. Forgiving may not be easy but it will bring you tremendous peace. It is a favourable time to make goals, but keep them small. In the beginning of the week remember to do your most important tasks.

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