This Weeks Horoscopes

October 11, 2015

This week you should follow your instincts in order to make the right decision, Aries. Try slowing down and noticing that everything in your life right now is connected. You need to understand that you are right where you’re supposed to be, and every challenge in your way will make you stronger. Avoid financial transactions during this week if you can.

Exercise your freedom of creating this week, Taurus. Your energy levels are high during this period, and you can be that person who lights up everybody else’s life. It’s time to organise your priorities, work on your positive mindset, conquer your body, and start living that awesome life you’re destined to live.

Take care of your mind and your body this week, Gemini. If your schedule is hectic and there isn’t room for regular exercise, find little opportunities like taking the dog for a longer walk, cleaning your house or taking the stairs. Remember that all these little things add up. Romance is favourable on the weekend.

Be emotionally supportive this week, Cancer. Your loved ones wants to know that they are loved and appreciated. You will have an opportunity to encourage someone to follow their dreams when no one else will.  Be optimistic and positive and the universe will bless you with good luck. Travelling plans are favourable this week.

This week you will find that it can be hard to feel like you’re being heard, whether it’s in a meeting at work, with your significant other, but it’s really important to express yourself anyway, Leo. If you are lacking some excitement in your life right now, you should get out of your comfort zone and try new activities during this period.

Take advantage of the opportunities you have in your life and take action this week, Virgo. You will be able to be introduced to a wonderful person but you need to be seeking the opportunities for making new connections. Remember that your domestic and career needs are not in competition with one another.

The more aware of your spirituality you are, the easier it is to perceive and interpret the presence and messages you can get this week, Libra. You need to ask yourself what you can learn when confronted by an unexpected situation in order to move forward. Express yourself with more sensitivity.

If someone is turning your mood sour this week, put them on a shelf and find someone who will make you feel welcomed, Scorpio. To become happier, try to be more positive. A simple thought or action can make the difference in your mood during this period. Don’t be afraid to take risks and try new things.

You need to realise that you can’t expect a change to happen overnight, without letting everything sink in, Sagittarius. Remember that it all takes time. Be a positive person to your family and aim to be positive in general this week, and most importantly, let go of the things you can’t confirm or disprove.

This week you need to consider making changes to your routine, and avoid trusting everyone you see, Capricorn. Explore and plan exciting events and activities with your friends and family. Clean out the clutter in your work space to get more done. You will be guided by your intuition, listen to your gut.

This week you need to remind yourself that you’re doing your best to achieve your goals in order to be motivated, Aquarius. Hang out with friends that makes you feel happy, and remember that good, caring friendships are one of the foundations of a healthy life. Listen to the people in your life who are experienced and wise before making a decision.

This week you need to look at a problem as temporary, Pisces. Let go of irrational fears that causes anxiety. Remember that when something good happens to you, it is better to celebrate them and enjoy every moment, instead of worrying about the future. Develop a plan that you’ll find easy to accomplish and easy to maintain and you will be successful.

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