This Weeks Horoscopes

September 9, 2015

Analysing the reasons for your behaviour and designing and executing a plan for change, will create momentum to achieve something you desire, Aries. In the beginning of the week, it’s important to hear a person out without feeling the need to show that what you’re doing is superior. When communicating on the weekend, make your points clearly, sweetly, and effectively.

This week you should participate in activities that generate thoughts that you have power over your problems, and you can create new possibilities, Taurus. Make room for agreement and avoid being unreasonable in insisting doing things on your own way. It’s important to take advantage of learning from a close friend.

This week you need to understand that if you end up basing all your decisions on what other people think is right for you, you’ll end up feeling like you’ve missed your purpose, Gemini. Keeping your home clean, tidy and organised will bring good energy to the place you live and attract good luck for yourself.

Before you judge, think about how you feel when you know you are being judged during this week, Cancer. Remember to do unto others as you would have others do unto you. You may not think that there’s anything special about your personality, but someone close to you will notice all your admirable qualities.

Feel free to make financial decisions during this week, Leo. You need to be positive and analyse if your fears are based in reality. If you had a hard time in the past, it is time to confront these issues. Don’t try to be a people pleaser and take responsibility for budgeting and household matters.

This week is favourable to learn any skill you want, or build your understanding of anything that is difficult, Virgo. Think about what is your vision of your future and what smaller goals can you achieve along the way. You will solve a problem if you try to see everything as if it’s the first time, and think about it in new ways.

This week you need to realise that is not healthy to love something just because it is a source of pleasure, Libra. You need to be a really good friend to yourself in order to implement positive changes in your life. Guard yourself from allowing anyone to control your mind or hurt you with unnecessary criticism on the weekend.

This week you need to realise that passion comes from authenticity, feeling like you’re honoring yourself in your decisions rather than trying to be or satisfy others around you, specially in your workplace Scorpio. Remember that no one else can tell you what feels authentic to you, only you can decide that. Financial transactions are favourable.

This week you need to realise that fear is your worst enemy, Sagittarius. Be brave and start the projects you’ve been thinking about for some time. You are mentally strong and capable of achieving your goals. It is time to turn all your flaws around into something productive and admirable. Get rid of negative influences.

This week you will be able to understand that you need to focus on the opportunities you have to make some improvements in your career, Capricorn. If you are dissatisfied, what lies around the corner will be completely different. Remember that being creative will help you achieve your goals

Show enthusiasm for life during this week, Aquarius. Try to read others around you. You can gain a lot from observing others facial expressions. Avoid unnecessary arguments with a loved one. Have a positive outlook at your workplace and remember that if you go in a room with positive expectations, everything will be fine.

Talking to a friend that you can open up this week, will bring you a new perspective about a problem, Pisces. Avoid using up your positive mental energy trying to turn around a negative person’s mind. Your week might start out not great, but things will get better. You will attract the opposite sex on the weekend. Good energy is with you for new projects.

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