This Weeks Horoscopes

September 28, 2014

Some things may not live up to your expectations this week, Aries. Look forward to your future, because you are about to enter a new phase in your life, and your energy will be renewed. Lower your expectations and go with the flow during this period. There is a wonderful opportunity coming up and you should feel happier by the end of the week.

Allow yourself to exercise control over your instincts and passions during this period, Taurus. Remember that you are able to resist the everyday temptations that constantly confront you. Focus on your goals without getting distracted by other things on the way. Romance is favourable on the weekend.

You need to take into account all the risks before making a financial decision this week, Gemini. It may take many failed trials to reach a solution that works for you in a situation because you may run into unexpected obstacles, but you will get there in the end. Gather the necessary information before jumping into assumptions about your relationship.

There are many ways to embrace the precious things in your daily life, Cancer. Gratitude will take you far during this period. You must know that the only way to solve our problems is to face them, and identify your strengths and weaknesses. You will be guided by your feelings rather than intellect during this period, stay in control.

Connecting with your inner source will provide you with spiritual wisdom during this period, Leo. You will be able to release sorrow, resentment and other negative feelings in order to continue your journey. Remember that you must stand up for what you believe. By the end of the week, you will have a sense of accomplishment from being able to complete your tasks. You will receive rewards from your work.

You may encounter someone new to your life that will help you to accomplish your goals during this week, Virgo. Spend more time thinking about yourself and less time thinking about others. It is important to avoid family arguments, and also remember that you should not be obsessed with possessions. Value your family and your relationship.

Your energy is high you will attract the right people into your life during this period, Libra. Remember that forgiveness is not so much about the other person as it is about your own heart.  Your motivation will lead the way, and you will be able to accomplish whatever you put your focus on. Trust your intuition, you have the ability to pick up on people’s true feelings by observing them this week.

During this week you will realise that your reason against something makes a lot of sense, Scorpio. You may start a new project and make a career decision soon. Remember that if a person has never disappointed you, then you need to assume the best about the person, not the worst. Keep your opinions to yourself when talking to strangers.

You need to start working on improving your relationship with yourself, in order to find the inner balance you lack at the moment, and boost your energy, Sagittarius. You should not have the desire to be hanging out in bed instead of meeting new people and enjoying life. Look for answers within your soul during this period and avoid the illusion that your happiness relies on things not yet realised.

Knowing when to hang in and knowing when to quit is a fine balancing act that requires plenty of reflection, Capricorn. You may realise during this week that quitting something that is not benefiting you, is the best thing you can do. Visualising positive things in your life will give you a sense of purpose and help you regain focus.

You may encounter someone who will open new doors for you during this period, Aquarius. Be grateful and show appreciation for others. Surprise people by being kind and practicing random acts of kindness, and avoid multitasking. Focus on one task at a time this week. You will be able to resolve old issues with your partner during this period.

It is important to forget about what everyone else thinks and understand that you are not able to please everyone during this period, Pisces. Find ways to assist people around you and be open to listen to them. You will need to show dedication and be organised at work in order to accomplish your tasks. An ex-lover may contact you this week.

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