This Weeks Horoscopes

August 10, 2015

If you have fear of something unfamiliar during this week, take it as a sign that you need to get to know a person or situation better, Pisces. Spend some time away from your loved ones if you feel a fight coming on, because nothing good comes out of fighting with family. Travelling plans are favourable during this period.

This week you need to keep in mind that being different is absolutely beautiful and it attracts people to you, Taurus. Put your focus on doing something that is delayed. You need to remember that getting worked up won’t solve anything, but staying calm will make the situation better for you. Romance is favourable mid-week.

This week you will learn that it’s better to accept the situation and try to see the bright side, Gemini. There is always a bright side, no matter what. You need to be consistent in your personality, regardless of who’s around. Look at risks in any financial decision you need to make this week.

Try to focus on examining your actions and changing your behaviour this week, Cancer. Remember that it’s not a big deal to be busy all the time, but it’s hard to recharge your energy when you’re always surrounded by other people. Spend your money wisely to avoid any financial problems during this period.

Your anxiety levels may be high this week, Leo. Find peace and calmness meditating or doing yoga to help yourself focus on the present moment, instead of thinking about what the future may bring. When making an important decision, you need to remember that only when you’re following your passion, you’ll feel great and accomplished.

Give yourself plenty of time and space to change any behaviour you want to change this week, Virgo. It’s important that you learn to recognise when a person you talk to is not suitable to answer your question, or if their answers are not trustworthy.  On the weekend, the more you make it seem that someone else’s attitude doesn’t impact you, the better.

Keep a positive attitude this week, no matter what, Libra. Negative attitudes will reduce confidence and commitment to improving yourself. Filling your head with a world of experiences and knowledge is going to bring you new and exciting opportunities. Find what is unique about you, what makes you different, and embrace that during this period.

This week you need to understand that defensive responses will always potentially garner more criticism because people know they’ve struck a nerve, so focus on not letting people know they’ve upset you, Scorpio. No matter how difficult a situation is, always respond calmly and maintain your positivity during this week. Your financial situation will improve soon.

This week you need to remember that before you can learn how to forgive others, you have to do some self-healing first, Sagittarius. Goal setting and goal achievement are easier if you really desire it. Be optimistic about your current situation. Even in the toughest of times, it’s possible to find something to laugh about. Good luck is on it’s way to you.

Look for straightforward, straight talking, honest and caring people to be a part of your friendship circle this week, Capricorn. Take risks, but don’t leave things to chance. Remember, you cannot get the lost time back, but you still have time to get what you want. On the weekend, check that your reaction is proportional to the situation.

Taking care of yourself and your appearance is important to make you feel good and also improve your energy levels this week, Aquarius. Knowledge about a specific subject is very important in order to make a financial decision. Keep in touch with your family, old friends and positive people. On the weekend, remember that new information opens up new possibilities.

Put deadlines on your goals this week, Pisces. Deadlines make your daily progress in perspective. Aim to make progress in little goals or short-term goals, and plan to release your attachment to the unimportant things in life. Communication is necessary between you and your partner in order to avoid misunderstandings on the weekend.

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