This Weeks Horoscopes

August 3, 2015

Always be truthful in all things and every aspect of life this week, Aries. If you are dishonest, you are dishonest with yourself, and that is an assault upon your own character. On the weekend, be discreet and keep the most special parts of your love life and personal life to yourself instead of broadcasting to everyone.

This week you need to remember that each individual is responsible for his or her own development and fortune, Taurus. Take some time during this week and go to a party, the beach or the movies, and remember that is a gift to be alive. You’ll be able to process new information received during this period into a solid business plan.

Accept that focusing on a few things and doing them well, is better than trying to prove to everyone that you’re indispensable this week, Gemini. A sense of completion after finishing a specific task will reduce your stress levels and promote a sense of accomplishment during this period.

You may have a person in your life that is insisting in discouraging yourself from attempting all initiatives to improve your life and self, Cancer. Being more realistic may increase your contentment and energy levels this week. On the weekend, you need to avoid offending some people but is not good trying to please or impress others either.

An expectation that you visualised in your mind may turn into frustration, and may result in stress, Leo. Lower your expectations to avoid disappointment this week. Keeping yourself healthy with a balanced diet can go a long way toward achieving your goals. Learn to question your jealousy every time that it emerges.

This week you need to work out your happiness, Virgo. Don’t wait for someone else or something else to do it for you because it will never happen unless you persevere. You will notice during this time that success is a way of progress, but in your case, success requires positive thinking and gratitude.

If you’re not clicking with someone this week, don’t force it, Libra. You need to understand that criticising yourself doesn’t mean setting such a high standard that you always feel like you miss the mark. When you start putting yourself in someone else’s place, you begin to understand why this person acts on a certain way.

This week you need to remember that an individual with a strong sense of direction will not quit when faced with obstacles, but will persevere to the end and overcome all obstacles, Scorpio. In order to achieve your goals, you need to entertain no superstitions based upon superficial observations, but accept facts based upon solid reason.

Taking care of your appearance will make you feel better, and show others that you are a strong and confident this week, Sagittarius.  A busy mind may be blocking your creativity lately. You need to set some time aside to meditate or relax during the week. Learn to delay gratifications in life, learn to wait as part of progressing, and learn that time can be your friend.

This week you need to understand that there’s no need to beg for attention, Capricorn. Give people their space and they’ll respect you more. Remember to practice forgiveness to release negative emotions during this period. Put past mistakes out of your mind and focus on your current tasks in order to accomplish what you desire.

This week you need to avoid keeping your mind and attention in only one area of your life, Aquarius. Balance is a priority to you. Thinking about the same things over and over can become a problem, and start to absorb all of your time and energy, leaving none left over for everything else. Only share your achievements only with the people who really care about you.

This week talking to someone that you can open up to, will bring you a new perspective about your situation, Pisces. Examine why you do certain things and remember that you shouldn’t be a people pleaser. On the weekend start making action steps to follow in order to achieve your goals. Romance is favourable mid-week.

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