This Weeks Horoscopes

July 20, 2015

You should take pride in having done something well this week, Aries. When communicating during this period it’s important to avoid exaggerating your body language. Remember that when you are trying too hard, it may come across as fake. Find some time on the weekend to exercise and practice a new activity that inspires you.

Avoid putting yourself under pressure this week, Taurus. You need to understand that is okay to transfer tasks to the next day, if they are not completed. Keep in mind that you may not be able to create time, but you can manage your life effectively and maximize the time you spend with your loved ones during this period.

Embrace new ideas this week, Gemini. Think through your past experiences and what you took away from them, as well as what is really important to you for the future. You’ll come to a greater understanding of your happiness, priorities, and dreams during this period. Romance is in the air on the weekend.

This week things will happen in a way that you will have to learn to deal with, and accept change, Cancer. Others will be influenced by the way you handle a situation. It’s important to say what you think but try not to be too outspoken or someone’s feelings can be hurt during this period. Good luck is with you regarding financial transactions.

This week is important not to give yourself unrealistic expectations, Leo. Giving yourself an overly busy schedule with impossible goals will only lead you into feeling overwhelmed. Try to stay away from a person who tend to insist until they wear you down and make you give in. Do not shut yourself down for romance on the weekend.

Work on being more open-minded this week, Virgo. Stop judging people for how they look, what they do, or what they believe. You will be able to learn something new, and see the world in a new way if you’re forced into an unfamiliar situation during this period. Sharing and expressing love to people close to you will bring you happiness on the weekend.

Focus on your short term goals, and truly enjoy the process this week, Libra. You should spend more time with people who genuinely mean you well and who agree with you about what you want to do with your life. Remember that you can be happier by making some life changes, but the easiest way to be content with your life is to adjust your perspective.

Find more than one solution to a problem, and focus on being creative this week, Scorpio. Stop and listen to those around you to figure out and correct what it is you might be misunderstanding, or doing wrong. You will achieve great things during this period if you logically, and restrain your emotions.

You will be guided by your feelings rather than reason this week, Sagittarius. Avoid overspending. See a new opportunity in a positive light and remember that you need to let go of anxiety. Listen to your inner voice and free yourself from your fears. Don’t be afraid to set your goals high, because you are able to accomplish them.

It’s important to be wise before making a decision, to avoid jumping into conclusions this week, Capricorn. You need to remember that it’s always better to be completely honest. Someone close to you will trust you more and look upon you as a role model. Don’t let your ego take your confidence away from you when it comes to romance.

If someone that you have to spend time with during this week is wanting to discuss topics that make you uncomfortable, let them know when you don’t want to talk about the subject, Aquarius. It is important to trust your own judgment in order to make the right decisions. Something good is about to happen, keep your motivation.

You will be able to make some small changes to your routine and also make better conscious choices this week, Pisces. Don’t take things personally when your ideas are challenged. Stop trying to recreate what once was, and live in the present. Seeing only the negative aspects of any situation can cause you to miss opportunities.

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