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This Weeks Horoscopes

June 29, 2015

Be honest with others this week and don’t tell anyone something if you feel the opposite, Aries. If you feel you can achieve something, you will. Stay open minded and let go of any mental obstacles that stand in the way of your goals. Keep the passion alive by surprising your partner on the weekend.

Refocus yourself and get energised this week, Taurus. You will be pleasantly surprised by how a fresh start and peace of mind will impact the quality of your life in the beginning of the week. It’s important to re-orient your inner monologue to focus on the positive aspects of both you as an individual, and the world around you, in order to make the right decision.

A job opportunity or a promotion may happen if you continue to create opportunities for yourself this week, Gemini. If you didn’t do anything wrong but someone is just not friendly enough, don’t always try to satisfy them. You need to remember that it’s never too late to start over, and take action.

Identify one or two key aspects that you’d like to change this week and work on improving them, Cancer. It’s important to remember that a change of mood doesn’t mean a change of personality in order to let go of negativity. You need to keep in mind that The more you engage in positive thinking and action, the easier it will be to maintain the trend of optimism in your daily life.

Make sure those in your life are positive and supportive during this week, Leo. Negative people may increase your stress level and make you doubt your ability to manage stress during this period. You will be able to use your knowledge to prove your point during a conversation. Romance is favourable on the weekend.

It’s important to see the good in yourself and the world without ignoring life’s challenges during this week, Virgo. Bursts of creativity and energy can help you to further your goals. Avoid negative ideas that come from feeling inadequate in the beginning of the week. Take others into account throughout any decision making process, especially if you are married or have children.

In order to maintain a positive perspective regarding your short term goals, jot down a few affirmations that remind you of what you’re trying to change about yourself, Libra. Put them in places where you’ll see them every day this week. If you focus on the positive elements in your life, great things will happen. Positive thinking will literally lead to positive results.

Lead by example if you want others to take more risks this week. Scorpio. To feel awesome from the inside out, start exercising regularly. Find out who really wants you to be around. Play a little hard to get, but don’t play too hard, because that can be a turn off. Financial transactions are favourable in the beginning of the week.

You may stumble at times and go back into bad habits, but this week it’s important to remember past feelings of optimism and remind yourself that great things are in reach, Sagittarius. Allow others to express their opinions and choose your responses in a way that you won’t cause any conflicts on the weekend.

If you don’t have someone’s approval, realise that it is nothing you’ve said or done, Capricorn. Remember that everyone has a different sense of humor, but focus on finding things that make you happy during this week. Go out of your way to make yourself smile at least once a day, and your health will benefit from it. There are some financial matters that needs to be addressed.

Accept your limitations this week, Aquarius. You need to remember that growth and improvement is a lifelong process that never stops happening, even when you’re very skilled at something. Be careful, because if you are involved in gossip, you may become the subject of later gossip. Romance is favourable on the weekend.

Look beyond the here and now and try seeing the bigger picture when making a decision this week, Pisces. It is time to develop the connections that will help you to achieve a short term goal. Avoid saying that you can’t do something, and remember that your thoughts are powerful.

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