This Weeks Horoscopes

May 26, 2015

This week is important to learn to take negative feedback and motivate yourself to improve, Aries. Remember that it’s almost impossible to find what you are looking for superficially, you can only find it within yourself. Travelling plans or a change of scenario can help you to deal with stress. Positive events are likely to happen on the weekend.

During this period you will have to understand and admit when you’ve done something wrong, and focus on what you will do differently the next time around, Taurus. You may be a champion of the mind, but it’s important to train your body as well. Exercise can help improve your memory, energy, and overall health, making you a better version of yourself.

You need to acknowledge that you are driven from within to succeed, not by the opinions of others, Gemini. Without being persistent, you’ll frequently find yourself unsuccessful, try a different approach and you will succeed. This week you should think about how you benefited from the choices you made in the past in order to continue to make wiser decisions.

Don’t be afraid to share your ideas, and break free from bad habits this week, Cancer. Sometimes your actions bring harm to others or the environment without your knowledge. Think of the reasons behind the actions and look at things from all sides before making any sort of judgment. Don’t get involved in financial disputes during this period.

Welcome new challenges into your life this week, Leo. Stop wasting energy on unnecessary things or people that are not helping your life and keep you from moving forward into what you want to be or do. Visualise yourself winning and doing what will be necessary to be the best and believe that it will happen, because it will.

If you have serious regrets about a past mistake, try to think about the situation from a different angle, and focus more on the good instead of the bad this week, Virgo. You need to acknowledge that sometimes, your sense of reality isn’t real. What you see is what you allow yourself to experience.

Set specific goals this week, Libra. Doing this, will help you behave consistently and give you something to strive for. Finding someone with similar interests, will give you motivation to achieve what you want. Be careful not to lose the ability to see or care about anything outside your own perspective during this period.

This week you need to remember that staying humble and showing perspective is an absolutely essential part of being a great champion, Scorpio. By listening to your heart, you can train your mind to think like it and eventually get them to work in harmony. Be a positive person at work and avoid conflicts this week.

Temper your attitudes and learn where people are coming from before you share your opinions, so you can know how to respond this week, Sagittarius. You need to develop a healthier sense of interdependence with those around you in order to have better relationships in your life.

This week you need to keep in mind that forgiveness is important to find inner balance and to maintain good and healthy relationships in your life, Capricorn. Comparing yourself to someone else can lead to immerse yourself in negativity. Enjoy being who you are. Treat every occasion as a chance to celebrate your achievement.

It’s important to focus and allow yourself to be positive even if you’re thinking about giving it all up, because you still haven’t reached your goal, Aquarius. Things may not be what they appear to be, it’s best to avoid taking sides this week. Take the initiative to get rid of bad habits and take care of your health.

Take responsibility for success and for failure this week, Pisces. Seeing yourself as an observer of the situation and not an active participant, will give you the insight to find the right solution to a problem. Remember that only you can decide whether or not you’re a success. Learn to be in control of your emotions in order to not get annoyed easily.

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