This Weeks Horoscopes

May 18, 2015

If you are having problems in your relationship, it is important to sort these out during this week, Aries. During this period, you need to understand that rest is essential to achieve inner peace and heal. Meditation can help you to find balance in the beginning of the week. Romance is favourable on the weekend.

Remember to think before you speak this week, Taurus. Pay attention to what you say when communicating, and be discreet. Focus on the depth of the information or skills you are looking to acquire. Pay attention to the world around you to look for new opportunities to learn. Financial transactions are favourable this week.

You may feel that you’ve seen better days, but the best is yet to come, Gemini. Holding your feelings in will cause an emotional breakdown. Release your feelings this week. Avoid family conflicts and remember that you can still stand your ground and be firm and assertive without having to raise your voice or get angry.

When communicating, get in the habit of talking about negative circumstances from the perspective of how you feel about them, so others will understand you better this week, Cancer. The practice of observation is important to gain an insight about the other person’s desires, trust your intuition.

Spend your money wisely to avoid any financial problems this week, Leo. Set deadlines for when you want to have certain things done and get them done in that time so you don’t have to worry about it last minute. Remember that forgiveness is important to find inner balance and to maintain positive relationships in your life.

Explore the motivation of each of your goals, you may realise that it can be difficult to prioritise inner peace over other things in your life, but it is necessary. Do not run away from your feelings, be proactive and take advantage of the opportunities that come your way during this period.

Having a sense of control over your life is the result of regular spiritual practice, Libra. This week, try slowing down and noticing the world around you. Look closely at things and bring your priorities into focus in order to manage your life better. Focus hard on what you want to accomplish this week and you will have positive results.

New opportunities in your job/career may be presented to you, Scorpio. Start looking for new projects, and start fresh. Remember that resentment can build up, preventing you from seeing things for what they are, make a goal to set yourself free of negativity. Your partner may surprise you in a positive way.

You have big dreams that shape our mind and future, but you don’t always have time to develop a plan to live your dreams, Sagittarius. Be careful with your words this week, what might seem funny to you may actually end up offending someone very close to you, even if that was not your intention. Travelling plans are favourable on the weekend.

Be discreet and watch what you say this week, Capricorn. You can also work to be more mindful of the tasks ahead of you. Learning to look back over each day, to examine your accomplishments, will also help you to move forward and set yourself up for more accomplishments. Avoid overspending this week.

Avoid negative thoughts and replace them with good ones this week, Aquarius. Be adventurous and embrace the unknown. When communicating, don’t feel the need to constantly fill dead space. If nobody’s talking, that’s just fine. Keep in mind that maybe is better to wait to the appropriate time to bring a difficult subject up.

Being mysterious will make others find you more interesting this week, Pisces. Get out of your comfort zone. Learning the terms to manage your money will help you to accomplish more. Perfection isn’t required to reach your goals, it’s the effort, hope and patience that counts.

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