This Weeks Horoscopes

May 3, 2015

This week you need to stand up for what you want, Aries. Remember that when you want something, you should go out and get it. Don’t let your fear of failure get in the way of making things happen that will better your life and achieve something positive for yourself. Romance is favourable on the weekend.

Good luck is with you for new projects this week, Taurus. It’s important to change your attitude towards an unpleasant situation, and keep in mind that each person has a right to behave as they want to. To avoid conflicts, analyse your own emotions, beliefs, and practices to make sure they’re not overriding your common sense during this period.

This week you need to have an open mind and remember that every person can teach you something new, Gemini. Take a moment to think about how you should really handle a situation, specially if you feel that your emotions are all over the place. Dedicate yourself to something you love. An ex-lover still has feelings for you.

Look for the best in every situation, Cancer. This will help ease your emotions to a great extent this week. Give your partner some time to do the things he or she likes. Avoid stress by focusing on you, and the here and now. Determine for yourself that you will take life one step at a time.

Keep your goals in perspective and reward yourself when you reach small milestones, Leo. Remember that passion is the fire that will unmistakably fuel you but it can’t be forced, so find your true passion and let it propel you forward. Develop plans for yourself and specific steps for carrying them out, and everything will conspire in your favour this week.

It’s important to offer encouragement to a loved one this week, Virgo. Taking control of your thoughts allows you to stop yourself from always jumping to negative conclusions, and recognise that most problems are temporary. Be productive in the free time you have. Assertive communication is necessary to avoid arguments with your partner.

If your circumstances are clouding your judgment too much, reach out and discuss the situation with others to gain wider appreciation of their perspectives and ideas this week, Libra. You will be able to stand back and view the bigger picture so that you realistically appraise a situation directly around you, rather than forcing yourself to conform.

It’s important to acknowledge when someone makes an effort to change his/her behaviour this week, Scorpio. Show the special people in your life love and admiration during this period. One of your short term goals is about to be accomplished, you need to keep in mind that good things demand time and patience to come true.

You will open many doors for yourself by interacting with others this week, Sagittarius. When in the company of others, learn as if you could never have enough of learning, as if you might miss something. People will notice your attention and will also be interested in what you have to say, and you will be rewarded for your social interaction and interpersonal communication skills.

This week you need to realise that when it comes to handling business that it is best to just do it, and let the motivation catch up rather than allowing an occasional lack of motivation to hold you back, Capricorn. Learn to plan ahead. Forward thinking is always a sign of good common sense, as is being able to review the consequences of different outcomes.

Decide in advance where you wish to be in life by particular deadlines and hold yourself accountable for actually getting there, Aquarius. Remember that when you focus too much on the overall picture you’ll probably start to feel overwhelmed which will make your determination harder to maintain. Travelling plans are favourable this week.

Open your eyes and recognise when change may be essential to get you to where you would prefer to be in life during this period, Pisces. When communicating is important to stay open-minded and to listen to other people’s notions and ideas, even if they scare you or derail your own thinking. Make sure you listen to what your partner has to say this week.

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