This Weeks Horoscopes

April 21, 2015

This week is important to step back and realise when your life is going very good, when it’s slowing down, and when it’s starting to progress, Aries. Doing this can help you to make better choices and also boost your motivation. You will start to visualise the process of success, but remember to only give your time to people who really appreciate it.

You will benefit from helping a close friend this week Taurus. You’ll see that the person you are helping will be helping you out as much as you’re helping him/her. You should start counting your blessings instead of focusing on the challenges you have to face. Remember that it’s far more important to admit to your flaws than to be in denial.

It’s important not to lie in order to get out of a situation this week, Gemini. Accept your present the way it is. If you keep judging yourself, or always thinking that you are wrong, you’ll limit yourself. Remember that is better to do everything you can to fight for what you desire, than just sit back and wait for a better opportunity.

If you want to improve your social skills you need to understand that you don’t have to love everyone, but you should be curious or fascinated by people in some way, Cancer. This week you should assess your values and remember that when something has meaning, it has a purpose; it is significant. Your partner may positively surprise you if you show him/her a different side of yourself.

To improve your emotional wellness, get further in touch with your inner self through meditation this week, Leo. You should define your goals by looking at what motivates you right now. If you’re well prepared, you may be able to set a goal that’s just as fulfilling to work toward as it is to achieve.

During this period you will have the opportunity to develop your sense of a higher power and define your moral values, Virgo. With self-confidence and knowledge, you’ll be able to achieve a short term goal. You should also focus on developing greater physical wellness by exercising and eating healthy foods.

Since balance is important in you life, it’s important to choose from your heart to decide which direction to take this week, Libra. When you follow your heart there is no right or wrong choice. In order to make progress, take some time this week to appreciate what you have learned from your challenges, and how you have changed and grown from them. Financial transactions are favourable.

Your creativity is high this week, Scorpio. Don’t limit yourself to activities or experiences that you think are productive or worth doing, take advantage of your creative side and dare to be more adventurous. You will be able to choose experiences and objects without being limited by preconceived ideas.

Research everything you can about what you want to achieve, and try to talk to people who have accomplished the same or similar goals this week, Sagittarius. Make sure you’re putting food in your body that will help your body run effectively and happily. Romance is favourable in the weekend.

This week try to do something for the people in your life who have helped you, Capricorn. You should focus on planning out the near future, considering whether there are any opportunities you can take, or busy periods during which you may need to take things slowly. An ex-lover may try to contact you.

You need to understand that goals often change along with life experiences, Aquarius. Make a conscious effort to think about your goals regularly, instead of blindly following a path you decided on years before. Be a good listener when communicating this week, this makes the other person more comfortable to share and express themselves with you.

You need to understand that it isn’t the situation that’s the problem, it’s how you think about the situation that makes it easier or more difficult for you to process it, Pisces. Keep in mind that using negative language and labeling can make a situation more difficult, and make it harder for you to be happy in general this week. A close friend or a relative will bring you good news.

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