This Weeks Horoscopes

April 6, 2015

Be sociable and avoid introspection this week Aries. In order to achieve your goals you need to avoid falling into the trap of wanting everything to happen very quickly, remember to be patient. When you let go of perfectionism, you will be able to enjoy your routine and get the most out of your life. Romance is favourable on the weekend.

Use your communication skills to solve any misunderstandings in your workplace this week, Taurus. You need to have faith in your projects, and avoid procrastinating. A family member may bring you good news during this period. Listen to your inner voice and free yourself from your fears in order to move forward.

Expressing gratitude will bring you good fortune this week, Gemini. Don’t let any obstacles on the way make you doubt yourself during this period. Focus on forgiveness. If there is resentment, forgiveness is a big part of letting go and moving on. Making the right financial decisions is crucial for the directions you can choose in the future.

Follow through on your promises this week, Cancer. When you say you’re going to do something, be true to your words and do it.  Ask for advice, but rely in yourself for guidance, and don’t waste time worrying about what you can’t do. You will be able to deal with adversity and come out stronger on the other side.

Anything is possible this week, Leo. Surround yourself with people who want you to overcome your fears and reach your potential. You will need to learn to resist turning back to the past. Stop trying to recreate what once was and live in the present. Good luck is with you for financial transactions.

During this week, it’s important to realise that you’re not better than anybody else, just as they are not better than you, Virgo.  When listening to someone else’s problems, remember that you don’t always need to come up with a solution, just support. You need to understand that running your life according to another’s values will not bring happiness to your own life.

Being with your partner and really listening to him/her can be magical for you both this week, Libra. Notice people’s body language when communicating during this period. If people are upset or frustrated, they might not always be willing to voice their frustration. Travelling plans are favourable.

In order to make a good impression, use positive, believable, and caring words about yourself this week, Scorpio. It’s important to accept responsibility but explain your actions. If someone is hesitant to give you additional tasks, you need to pay more attention to the responsibilities you already have.

Make a point of talking to people during this period and encouraging more open, honest dialogue in your home, Sagittarius. Be more romantic to your partner in order to improve your relationship. It’s time to make plans to learn a new skill. Make time to pursue the things that you want to do.

If you take responsibility and ownership in a situation, it will give you the power to change it altogether, Capricorn. Use your spare time to get organised and get rid of what is not relevant to you anymore. Avoid being overly materialistic and stay focused on people rather than objects.

Focus on doing your work when you have no distractions surrounding you during this period, Aquarius. You need to stop fearing loss, and remember that there is no need for anxiety to take over. Don’t be afraid to say no this week. If someone asks you to do something you don’t agree with, simply refuse.

Connect with people who share similar interests, and be open to listen to other people’s ideas. If you are feeling overwhelmed, meditation can help you achieve a peaceful state of mind during this period. Taking a little initiative to make someone’s life a little easier will earn you respect this week.

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