This Weeks Horoscopes

March 30, 2015

Prioritise the most relaxing things in your life this week, Aries. Try not to fail to come through on a promise during the weekend. You need to understand that if you want to move forward, whether or not you were right in a past situation is irrelevant. Remember that being positive means learning to be open to find opportunities for luck.

Learn to identify and amplify your desires, and you’ll give yourself a better chance of attaining your goals and getting what you want this week, Taurus. Take some time during this week to set short-term goals. It will give you the motivation you need. Don’t think that by feeling jealous about you, your lover is showing you love.

Focus on things that will improve yourself in life on a deep emotional level, not a superficial one this week, Gemini. It’s almost impossible to find what you are looking for superficially, you can only find it within yourself. Remember that it’s important to get what you deserve in life, but it’s just as important to understand what it is that you deserve in the first place.

If you are always impulsive with your behaviour, you are not being wise enough to make the best decisions in life, Cancer.  Be open to new experiences and to make changes. Do not assume you know all about any subject. Treat intimidating moments as chances to make your own luck during this period.

Jealousy is nothing more than is being possessive or wanting ownership over the person, keep this in mind this week, Leo. Be open to your partner during this period and remember that apologising doesn’t mean whatever you said was incorrect or false, it just means you were sorry that you hurt someone else with your words or actions.

Putting yourself out there and giving yourself the chance to succeed requires that you also have the chance to fail, Virgo. Make yourself a priority this week. Do what you need to do, and continue being reliable for necessary chores, activities, and responsibilities, but stop volunteering for extra stuff during this period.

You will make a very good point in something you say during this period, but remember that is not your intention to make the other person feel bad when expressing your point of view, Libra. Remember that you can’t apologise effectively if you don’t know what you’ve done wrong. Travelling plans are favourable this week.

Communicate your feelings to your loved one this week, Scorpio. Keep in mind that a dodgy or sarcastic apology often feels more like an insult, because it implies that you don’t see the other person’s pain as valid enough to put their feelings before your own. Good luck is with you regarding financial matters this week.

Pay attention to your routine this week, Sagittarius. Don’t try to do everything all at once, you need to find balance in order to finish some of your tasks. Remember that it takes practice to get into a habit of following a schedule. Try to talk to and hang out with positive people in order to get inspired.

Take care of your health this week, Capricorn. Make a list of all your unhealthy eating habits and try and resolve them one by one. Physical exercise may help you to renew your energy during this period. New career opportunities may be presented to you. Bursts of creativity and energy can help you to further your goals.

Persisting on making a mistake will not benefit you in any way this week, Aquarius. Work on your self confidence in order to achieve what you want. Recognise the small improvements you’ve been making every day, and do not internalise any negativity during this period. Your luck is about to change.

Meditation and engaging yourself in new hobbies can actually help you release the anxiety around what you feel is a problem this week, Pisces. Start to focus on holding back negative comments towards others. Your attitude sets the quality and mood of your thoughts during this period. Be positive no matter what.

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