This Weeks Horoscopes

February 16, 2015

When a relationship or situation becomes too much for you to handle, you might need to detach from it emotionally, Aries. Putting your focus on something else that is going on in your life during this period, will allow you to calm down and put your troubles into a more helpful perspective. Good news are on its way to you.

Go with the flow and stop trying to fix everything you think it’s wrong in your relationship during this period, Taurus. If you and your partner are right for each other, things will fall into place. Remember that relationships need trust in order to thrive. If single, set restrictions on the behaviour of others to avoid getting hurt this week.

You will be known because of your positive attributes this week, Gemini. If you have a challenge in meeting deadlines, your productivity and effectiveness in using the time you have to get things done, will increase. You must pay attention to your words and choose what to share with others, and keep some things to yourself when communicating this week.

Don’t look in the mirror and look for characteristics that need changing, Cancer. Improve your own confidence and focus on your qualities in order to avoid getting into the habit of practicing negative self talk. Remember that placing restrictions on your own behaviour may seem unpleasant, but it can actually be a positive thing. New work opportunities will be presented to you.

A blend of deep determination, will power, and hard work will make the path towards your success during this period, Leo. Look at the results of your work objectively and decide how to proceed. Remember to follow through on your promises this week, when you say you’re going to do something, be true to your words and do it.

It is important to commit to changing your behaviour instead of apologising all the time, Virgo. Remember that trying and failing is a much better teacher than never trying and never succeeding. When communicating this week keep in mind that the only person whose behaviour, thinking, and feelings are within your power to control is you.

During this period is important to remember that emotional detachment is not done as a means of running away from your problems, Libra. Appreciate the loved one in your life, and remember that being kind is a vital way of bringing meaning to your routine. Keep in mind that comparing yourself to someone else can be poisonous, enjoy being who you are.

During this period, practice random acts of kindness and the universe will bless you in return, Scorpio. Sometimes the littlest things you do can have a big impact on others, and it can also help to put your own problems into perspective. If you need to make a decision, the wise thing to do is to take your time and return to the problem after stepping away from it.

Listening to your partner will improve your relationship in many ways, Sagittarius. It will help you resolve differences without arguing. You need to focus on your own goals and remember that in the end of the day, the only person you’ve got to please is yourself. Remember that you should never get anxious about anything you set your heart to do.

Eliminate any negative feelings in order to move forward this week, Capricorn. You need to accept that conflict happens in any relationship. If you want to continue having a relationship with a person, you’re bound to have the occasional disagreement. You will attract good fortune to your own life by helping others during this period.

It is important to consistently take time for yourself even when you feel that your emotions are under control, Aquarius. Remember that you need to love and respect yourself before others will love and respect you, as well. Adopt a positive attitude and be ready to take on new challenges. Someone from your past will be back in your life soon.

Find what matters to you in life and let changes come naturally during this period, Pisces. When communicating, get in the habit of talking about negative circumstances from the perspective of how you feel about them, so others will understand you better. Focus on changing little things inside your routine and you will notice a big improvement in your mood this week.

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