This Weeks Horoscopes

January 26, 2015

This week you will be able to come up with reasons to act, to confront, and to succeed, Aries. Put your focus on doing something that is delayed, and stop wearing yourself out with issues that are not important. Keep in mind that you need to persevere regardless of feedback. Avoid feeling stressed by social pressures, and you will succeed.

It is important to remember that change can be a good thing, Taurus. Be open and welcome new things in your life.  It is time to engage yourself in new projects that will bring you something to look forward to. Take some time to make a plan and detail exactly how you will achieve your goal this week. Avoid getting involved in family conflicts on the weekend.

You may be acting differently than everyone else, but it is best not to confront others behaviour unless you find it actively harmful during this period, Gemini. Calculate the risks before making a decision. Remember that being comfortable with your behaviour does not make you free from consequences. Romance is favourable on the weekend.

Balance is the key for a successful week, Cancer. Your heart and your mind should take you towards the same direction. Direct your energy into developing skills that will help you in unexpected situations. Remember that the most important thing during this period is to pursue something that will be rewarding in the long term.

Your energy levels are high, and you may experience boosts of creativity this week, Leo. Being creative will allow you to express who you are, and will also make you more interesting to other people. You have to take risks sometimes, but don’t go crazy. It is very important to look at risks in any financial decision you need to make during this period.

Avoid giving the impression that you are looking for attention this week, Virgo. Be consistent and reliable. When you constantly change your ideas or your behaviour, it makes people think you’re frivolous and not invested in anything. Find what matters to you and let changes come naturally. It is important to communicate with your partner to prevent arguments.

Your personality will help to empower you towards achieving your goals of abundance this week, Libra. It is very important to surround yourself with pleasant, motivated people during this period . Try to minimize time spent with friends or family members who discourage you or give you unpleasant feedback.

Make some time to review your priorities this week, Scorpio. Remember that it is important to allow yourself to do exciting things every now and again, and your mood will improve as a result. Focus on being more independent during this period, it will help you to find the freedom to do what you want, and it will also lead you to find some original solutions to your problems.

Avoid second guessing yourself and turning to others for help every time you have to make a decision, Sagittarius. Consider lowering your expectations and setting smaller goals for yourself. If you work hard on your projects, you will have success and recognition in return. Travelling plans are favourable this week.

It is important to change your behaviour slowly because it can be difficult to gather the strength and clarity to strike forward, especially if friends or family members react negatively this week, Capricorn. Trust your intuition and you will be able to gain confidence along the way. Know who your friends are, and do not share information if you don’t trust people completely.

Take some time aside each day to enjoy the little things in life that makes you happy during this week, Aquarius. It is important to recognise the difference between expectation and dependence in your relationships. Bring romance back into your relationship this week, and pay special attention to your partner. It is better not to trust anyone who is always playing the victim.

Put effort in your appearance and do your best to stay current this week, Pisces. Make sure to improve friendships with existing friends and the people you meet. Avoid making excuses, it is better to admit your real reasons for not doing something than lying about it. At work, take initiative, and do not blame the world for your own problems. Your financial status will improve soon.

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