This Weeks Horoscopes

January 18, 2015

If you have a very busy schedule, set aside at least just ten minutes per day for yourself, Aries. It’s important to avoid feeling overwhelmed during this week, in order to maintain a healthy mental state. Doing this will also help you to lower your stress levels. Share your ideas with other people this week, practicing articulating your dreams in a clear and positive way will help you to achieve your goals.

Avoid telling someone that you feel one thing when you feel the opposite, during this period, Taurus. You need to pay attention to the fact that if you expect others to act a certain way, then you should act according to the same standards in your own life. Know your limits, and be realistic about what you can and can’t accomplish during this period.

It is important to learn to say no to others, and don’t get down on yourself for failing if you tried your hardest during this period, Gemini. Sometimes, even when you give your best, people will ask you for more. Hold yourself accountable, but don’t make being accountable impossible. Good luck is with you for financial transactions.

Learn to laugh at yourself and do not take things so seriously this week, Cancer. Think about the fact that it is harder to laugh at other things if you can’t even laugh at yourself. Improving your sense of humour will make a positive impact in all areas of your life. It is important to stop settling for relationships that don’t meet your needs.

Stay focused and committed to what you want to achieve during this week, Leo. You will run into obstacles along the way that will make you doubt yourself. But you need to keep in mind that it is better to pursuit your dreams than living according to someone else’s values. You will be able to attract the right people into your life during this period.

Be open minded and expect the unexpected during this period, Virgo. You never know who may be willing to help you along the way. Remember that your atitude sets the quality and mood of your thoughts, and be honest about your emotions. If someone is threatening you and you have stress and anxiety, stand up to them and tell them how you feel.

This week is important to identify the things that put you under stress, Libra. You must understand that knowledge is powerful, and self-knowledge is everything. When you are aware of why you become stressed, you can do something to try to avoid these circumstances. Stick to your budget during this period. Romance is favourable on the weekend.

Maintain perspective this week, and be aware that things might not be as bad as you first thought, Scorpio. Look at what things are important in your life as against the bad, and remember that worrying won’t take you anywhere. You will be able to accomplish more than you think this week. Home improvements are favourable during this period.

Address any stressful situations in the workplace this week, Sagittarius. If you feel overworked or undervalued, communication is the key to sort things out. Think if a situation is truly a crisis or merely an inconvenience or a setback. Remember that an open mind is comfortable with differences and with using a variety of lenses to view an issue.

Do not talk about touchy subjects with your partner during this period in order to avoid conflicts, Capricorn. If you catch yourself wanting to rush to do something, stop and evaluate the situation. Remember that when you are in control of your emotions, you have the chance to calm down and you’ll be better able to defend and express yourself. Travelling plans are favourable.

If you share your feelings, you’ll also be able to get some helpful feedback as well as a fresh perspective on your problems, Aquarius. Let go of assumptions during this week and remember that some things may appear suspicious at first, but they are a true blessing in disguise. Keep in mind that being able to forgive someone can be te kindest thing you can do for yourself.

You need to look at your choices with a good frame of mind this week, Pisces. Put yourself first. It is important that you don’t feel pressured into following someone else’s dream. It’s okay to be influenced in a positive way by others but keep in mind that nobody have the right to force you into something you do not want to do, just for their own benefit.

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