This Weeks Horoscopes

January 6, 2015

You will need to use a past experience as a lesson in order to make the right choices this week, Aries. Be willing to say no to others. If someone asks you to do something you don’t want to do, simply refuse. People will have to learn to respect your honesty and you’ll be getting what you want.

Let go of things that are not contributing to your happiness this week, Taurus. Don’t be so afraid of losing anyone more than you are of losing yourself. Don’t try to change people or direct their life’s choices, and avoid forcing your preferences onto others. When communicating, be clear about what you want, to avoid misunderstandings during this period.

It is very important not to let trivialities drain your mental energy this week, Gemini. Remember that no matter what, you always have a choice. Stay involved in all financial decisions that affect you and your family. Be organised, do not rush anything. Keep in mind that time should not be measured by a clock, but by moments.

Don’t automatically dismiss something because it does not fit immediately with your current point of view of a situation, during this period, Cancer. Avoid using harsh or condemning words that will have a negative effect in the future, because things may change, and what you do now may cause deep emotional wounds, that may never be fully forgotten.

Improve your social relations, and allow for more warmth and love between the people closest to you this week, Leo. You must look at the big picture and understand that life is like a bumpy road, you have your highs and lows, but no situation is permanent. Stop wearing yourself out with issues that you have no control.

If you know a particular person that is the origin of your stress, the best thing to do is stay away from them during this period, Virgo. Remember that if you don’t know what is expected, it is very difficult to satisfy anyone, listen to what others are telling you. Think about each of your decisions and gain information to explore future options.

Remember that no matter your age, background, or experience, effective communication is a skill you can learn, Libra. You may be avoiding the fact that you need to make a decision, but you need to remember that everything you say and do is the result of a choice, trust your intuition this week.

It is is important to understand that it’s impossible to please every person in your life, and that you have to draw the line somewhere, Scorpio. Romance is favourable on the weekend. When communicating this week, learn to read between the lines. Not everything will be as it appears.

You are responsible for your own decisions and your own wishes, Sagittarius. This week you will benefit from sharing your thoughts and saying what’s on your mind. Remember that if you have too many personal issues of your own to sort out, you may not be fully able to help a friend in need.

Don’t let people knock you down when trying new things, Capricorn. Being independent is a vital skill for you during this period. Focus on taking more control of your life and understand that you don’t need others approval to accomplish your goals. You will soon have the freedom to do what you want without caring about what others think.

This week you need to understand that not expressing love sometimes hurts the bond you share with others, Aquarius.  Owning to your mistakes and learning from them will help you to move forward. Positive events are coming your way this week, take advantage of every opportunity.

Trust your own decisions this week, Pisces. Be prepared to accept different views, and make the decision to be strong. Organise your priorities and focus on your long term goals. New opportunities in your job/career may be presented to you soon. Romance is favourable this week.

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